Friday, May 9, 2008


I went to the doctor's office yesterday - he confirmed I'm sick and have a temp. Thanks for telling me what I already know.

I really hate going to the doctor's because they tell you NOTHING. I have been not feeling well for about a month now, but he kept saying: "You've had the fever for 5 days, virus' last between 7-10 days. Once you are past that, if you aren't better we will do more tests." No you idiot, I have been tracking my fever for over 7 days now, and I probably had it before that I just didn't take it. I have been feeling achy and tired for going on a month now. LOOK AT YOUR DAMN NOTES FROM MY LAST VISIT! Okay, I didn't say it that blatantly, but I felt like it - and I did correct him on the 5 day fever about four times. So he ran some blood tests and I'm waiting to hear back.

Following my doctor's appointment, I went to the second trail run series race - I know, I don't know why I didn't skip it, but I signed up for it so I mentally just HAVE to do it. I can miss work when I'm sick, but I feel like such a loser when I miss a schedule run because I'm sick. I actually sat at the start saying to myself "Why do I torture myself this way?" My time was pretty much the same as last week, slow - at least I am smart enough not to push it too hard when I'm ill. I'm going to have to go take some pictures of some of the hills on this trail and post them- it is brutal.

Oooh and worse - there was a guy there snapping pictures of people while they were running - somehow my running skirt rolled down while I was running and I didn't notice, so all the pictures of me show this gap with my belly roll hanging out - real attractive. Yeah, I won't be getting those pictures...they would make good before pics though. I'm so tired of not looking like a has been a year already, come on body get in shape! I started running so I could look hot! Geez.

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Kristina said...

I can totally relate to the doctor run-around. The deal with Lyme is that it comes from deer ticks, which are pretty much anywhere with mice or deer. I hadn't gotten a tick since I was a kid, and Lyme is more of a problem now than it used to be. If you spend time outdoors, you might want them to run a Lyme test since they drew blood anyway. I hope it turns out to be nothing.
take care of yourself,

Marcy said...

Don't feel bad about the pics, I've done the same type thing before. I've had (really) fitted tips only to have they roll up on me and not notice until waaayyyy after the fact. Ummm yeah after having 2 kids it just DOES NOT look that good anymore LMAO!

I really hope they figure out what's up. Hang in there chica! Feel better!