Monday, September 14, 2009


Coming Soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One down, Fifty-Two to Go

Been doing a lot of this lately...

I did managed to squeeze in a race (or rather a cattle call). My Dad and I did the Wharf to Wharf 6 mile run (if you can, the crowds were crazy) on July 26 - from Santa Cruz to Capitola.
Yesterday I did my first training run - 12x400's with 90 second resting intervals. Felt good, I even pushed out a 6min mile pace on my last 400...really hard!

Only 52 more training runs to go before the California International Marathon in December.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I love Jillian...bona fide girl crush. I heart Bob too, and my husband, and my kids...but currently Jillian is kicking my ass and helping me get my head in the right spot so I can be a healthier she is my fave. I've been listen to her Sunday podcast, reading her book Master Your Metabolism, and have incorporated her 30 Day Shred into my workouts. So she should love me too cuz I'm helping pay for her car, house, food, etc.

You know what I like about her, is she is just so real and honest. She cuts all the crap out and calls people on their self-justifying bullshit. I haven't been plateauing the past couple months...I've been half-assing it. It's not easy losing weight, it is hard work. I'd rather sit on a floatie in the pool than run 5 miles when it is hotter than Hades. I'd rather have a glass of wine in the evening rather than my 3rd 32 ounce bottle of water...but I'm not going to get where I want to be with my health like that.

My attitude has been refreshed. I have been logging all my food since Monday on my Iphone app and keeping my calories between 1300 - 1400. Working out strong, I did my bootcamp Tuesday, ran and did 30 day shred Wednesday, another bootcamp tonight :) AND I have been drinking lots of aqua - 80 to 96 ounces a day, and keeping my sodium intake below 1,500 mg.

As a consequence I've dropped about 4 pounds this week...pretty coolio. I rock a little too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Must Have Air Conditioning

It is freaking hot here. It was over 100 degrees on Sunday - it is MAY for heaven's sakes...ugh.

This is why I have a gym membership, it is the only way I can work out in the summer on these hot days. Unless of course I'm swimming in our pool (which I'm more of a floating with a glass of wine kind of girl, so it isn't really working out) or kayaking on the lake.

I haven't worked out since last Thursday! I'm so bad, every day I have the intention and every day it gets put off! The heat hasn't helped!

So I'm writing down my exercise schedule for the week so I have a little motivation to keep my butt in gear this week.

  • Tuesday: Bootcamp (strength and cardio)
  • Wednesday: Run and 30 Day Shred
  • Thursday: Bootcamp
  • Friday: Run and 30 Day Shred
  • Saturday: Bootcamp
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Bootcamp
I know, a little crazy with the bootcamps huh? Honestly, I'm burned out on my bootcamps. Next Monday is my last "free" Bootcamp session - and I have to say I've pretty much wasted it...but I'm ready for them to be over. I have been half-assed in my food logging so I've not lost much more only maintained. I'm not going to resign up for that group - because I think the summer will be hard for me to want to go to those workouts when it is 110 degrees outside. Anyways, that is why I have 5 days in a row of pretty intense workouts so hopefully when I get my final measurements next week I will see some sort of difference. Nothing like waiting till the last week to get serious, huh? I'm a procrastinator!

So after next Monday, I will probably refocus on my running (which I still love) but I will still be doing my Saturday bootcamps.

I've signed up for a couple races for this year. On July 26 I will be running the Wharf to Wharf from Santa Cruz to Capitola with my BadAss Dad (who has been known to run a half marathon in his jeans). It should be a fun and scenic 6 mile run...and much cooler than where I live!

I re-signed up for the Lake Tahoe Marathon on September 27...This was my first half marathon I did two years ago so it will be fun to see my improvement. It isn't an easy race though, it is at a high elevation (my body is used to pretty much sea level) and has some killer hills.

I'm hoping to incorporate the half somehow into my training for a full marathon (which I really want to do but don't really want to take the time to train for). I need to decide what I can do and may either do the California International Marathon in December or Cowtown Marathon which is October 4 (one week after the half)...I guess I could do the half as part of my taper for the full, but I'm not sure if I want to be training for a marathon in the summer months here. So I might just use the half a jumping off point for training for the CIM in December.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frog Tale

This little frogman recently took up residence in our pool. He's quite the friendly little fellow and will swim up to the girls when they are in the pool. They love him and will play with him for hours. He will swim away for a while, but he always comes back and plays with the girls...kind of weird.

The girls wanted "froggy" to spend the night, so I told them they could let him stay overnight in their fish tank on Saturday. On Sunday I told them to take him back out to the pool. Well it seems that it is pretty hard to hold onto a frog at the same time as holding your swimming Ariel doll because Froggy jumped out of Delaney's hand and immediately scuttled under the refrigerator on her way out to the pool. BTW - I need to clean under my refrigerator. We couldn't see the frog under we gave up on seeing Froggy again.

Late last night I found him, with my foot...walking barefoot across the kitchen I felt something cold and slimey under my foot. Luckily I didn't step all the way down and smush him. So we still have our pet frog.

I have been having the hardest time with my exercise motivation lately...I don't know what is going on there. I've been doing it, but not wanting too. I'm still doing my bootcamp, but I'm not all there. So I have been maintaining the last couple months and not losing any least I've been maintaining and haven't gained back...I am happy for that. I've been listening to Jillian Michael's a lot the past week, reading her book, doing her 30 Day Shred workout - and this has been helping me feel more focused...but there are things about my current program that I have been resenting and feeling obligated to do. I'm hoping May is a turnaround month for me so I feel much more comfortable in my summer clothes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yo Mamma

Day in review:

6:30 am – Woke up when I heard Delaney pop out of bed (who was up past 11 last night watching a movie)…she is such a morning person and always wakes up happy, it can be really annoying when you want to sleep in.

Charlotte woke up a little while later, at this point I stayed in bed listening to a Jillian Michael’s podcast while Chuck and the girls made me breakfast.

8 am - I was served two eggs over easy, toast, Canadian bacon, a small serving of country potatoes, and fresh strawberries, along with my favorite sections of the newspaper and a non-fat latte…my favorite breakfast, yum. Too many calories for one meal…but I’m not stressing over that today.

I also got the biggest Mother’s Day card ever (about 3’ by 2’), the smallest Mother’s Day card ever (about 1” by 1”), a really sweet homemade card, and a recorded card from Elli that made me cry…not that it takes much to make me tear up, I’m a sensitive soul.

9 am – Got a pedicure from a 4 year old and a manicure from a 6 year old. Even though I was asked to pick my favorite color, they managed to lop on 3 extra layers of sparkle polish “cuz it’s pretty Mom.”

After this I did some Mom stuff - a little tidying up, started some laundry, and sewed a button on Chuck’s shirt.

10:30ish - We went to a local outdoor mall that has a cool fountain “Bellagio style” – the fountain is choreographed to the music that is playing. It is very relaxing and the girls can stare at it for hours. We browsed some of the shops and the girls also played in the water fountain playground - Charlotte got soaked!.

12 pm – Had lunch at The Counter and had a pretty good Veggie Burger. The service was poor though. Our waitress forgot our appetizer order and blamed the slow kitchen even though our regular food had been served??? Then she forgot our waters that we requested, I asked if that was because of the slow kitchen too…Chuck was so upset with the service he refused to compulsively stack the dishes when we were done (I have never been to a restaurant with him where he hasn’t done this to help the wait staff out).

1:30 pm – Went to the nursery and got some bell pepper plants and various seeds to plant – including pumpkins. I always forget about pumpkins until August and then it is too late to plant them. This year I remembered, yeah! It will be fun to grow our own pumpkins for Halloween.

3 pm – Sat by the pool and watched Charlotte swim while typing this post and a ladybug crawled up my leg.

4 pm - Called my mom and grandmother.

Still to do today – Plant my bell peppers, start the seeds and some other gardening when it cools off a bit, dinner, exercise (30 day shred and maybe a light run).

Overall, two thumbs up for the day. The only downside was Elli was with her dad, which blows but I know she loves me and I didn’t want to get into the trading weekends drama. I ended up not doing the Race for the Cure yesterday, and I have no guilt. I had not solicited any sponsors so I wasn't letting anyone down, only avoiding a crowd - I hit my bootcamp workout instead.

Hope everyone else out there had a great day and weekend too!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Don't Like 'Em

I signed up for the Komen Race for the Cure 5k this weekend - and I'm just not feeling it. Its not that it isn't a great cause - it is. It's not that I'm not capable of running the distance - I am.

I just hate crowds, and running in crowds is not fun for me...

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because I will encourage anyone who wants to try running to sign up for a 5k...but I personally hate 5k's. Well I guess I hate crowded 5k' first race which was a 5k was not crowded at all and it was a great little race. I just don't like crowding up in the starting area with a bunch of people pushing strollers and chatting with their buddies, when all I want to do is get past them and run...dodging through strollers and bouncing kids is dangerous and I'm sure I will fall and biff myself (I'm clutzy that way).

So I don't think I will be doing the race this weekend...I'll just let my entry fee be a donation to the cause and I'll work out at home.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hotel for Snails

What do you do when the rain has subsided...and there is nothing else to do?

Build a Hotel for Snails of course!

Designed by the young Architect Delaney...

But then there was a tragic incident, where one of the snails just didn't want to live anymore" and climbed to the top of Hotel for Snails, causing it to topple. He heroically threw himself under the rock to saves the others.

So the Hotel was remodeled to a one story version, where the snails could be trapped inside.

Hours and hours of entertainment. I am never buying my kids toys again.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for A Little Spring Cleaning

Now that some of the dust has settled from my annual chaotic March and April (you would think I would be used to this by now, I've been a tax accountant for over 15 years, but every year I get overwhelmed and feel like I am drowning)...It is time for some spring cleaning.

In my house...mostly it is all the mail piles...I have piles everywhere cuz I just haven't had time to go through everything. So I just need a day where all I do is go through these piles and clear them out. Then things will feel like a fresh start again.

In my head - I'm feeling very unmotivated in every aspect of my life...exercise, work...and spring cleaning.

Oh, but I did get motivated to make a quilt...which I have never done before, even though I do enjoy sewing. I went to a quilt show last Saturday and thus started my current I have have little fabric quilt squares laid out amongst my piles of papers (and dust). The girls have made a game of arranging and rearranging these little squares. They also got baggies full of gold buttons from a treasure box at the fabric store which has provided hours of sorting, jewelry making, imaginative fun. It always amazes me how simple kids can be to entertain.

Soon though, I will be able to start sewing this quilt...after I get things re-organized at the home.

The same day I went to the Quilt Show, we also had an Earth Day Fair my town. At the Fair, they had a pack of Wolves that had been rescued. They were sooo cool, and I briefly entertained (a couple days)the idea of setting up my backyard as a foster home for rescued wolves...UNTIL I remember, they probably would eat my Angora Goats that I became obsessed with getting after seeing one at the San Francisco Zoo four years ago...these goats also spawned my obsession with learning to spin yarn, crochet, and felt, etc.

See how I roll? Just a little insight into my crazy mind.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a Little Bumpy

I feel grumpy - or "Bumpy" which is what Delaney called it when she 2 or 3 and it has just sort of stuck. Bumpy really sort of captures the mood don't you think? I feel like I'm in a constant state of PMS right now - everything and everyone is bugging me.

Sometimes it is all just a little too much - the kids whining or being mouthy, dogs barking, bird screeching, unlimited work commitments, economic distress (things are pretty tight right now for us, as with so many other people out there - not as bad as some, but definately tight). And why oh why do I volunteer to take on a new project every time something comes up? I just can't seem to say no - but I really piss myself off when all I have to do is keep my mouth shut but I pipe up and say "I can do that!" This time of year too, I should really know better - especially for things that really have no benefit to my family right now in these tough times.

You would think all the exercising and running I've been doing would relieve the stress, but honestly I kind of feel guilty and selfish by taking that time for myself, asking my husband or older daughter to watch the little girls, and just not spending that time with my family. I know, I know...taking time for yourself is suppose to make you a better mother...but I don't really know if that crap is holding true for me. Do I feel healthier? Yes, but I also feel a bit absent and I definitely still get grumpy and short tempered with my kids. Not quite a ZenMom yet, more like a ZinMom - as in I think I need a little wine tonight dear, the girls are driving me crazy! Which probably is not a good choice for me or the kids. (Mom if you are reading this, I am not doing this very often - I'm not an alcoholic). Really, I just feel like I'm always falling a little short of what I should be doing - not so perfect am I (this is just annoying in and of itself).

Okay, sorry for the bitchfest. I'm done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kidlet Tales

Two posts in two days...blow me down!  I just wanted to talk about my kids a little, so for those of you who are bored with people who talk about their kids all the time...go away.

Delaney woke up today and immediately pinched her sister Charlotte who was still half asleep - you know, cuz her jammies weren't green.  I think Delaney has been looking forward to pinching others ever since I mentioned this consequence of not wearing green on St. Patty's Day last week - I thought she would be concerned about wearing green, but when she kept quizzing me on the proper etiquette of pinching I knew what wheels were turning in her head.  As soon as she eyeballed me this morning I ran to my closet to get my green sweatshirt on quick.

This is the same child who asked me on the Saturday before my race why I do races.  "You don't win Mom."  Trying to explain to her that just finishing is winning, personal goals, blah blah blah, doesn't really convince her - she saw the people who got the "real" medals.  She is a little competitive, always has to be first to the car, first out of the car, will body check her sister, me, or anyone else who is impeding her progress of being FIRST...and the kid race that I entered her in and she ran with a fever (I know, bad mom), she placed first.

My oldest daughter is mad a me...she isn't talking to me.  This is the texting conversation that got me in trouble with her:
     Me:  Guess what?  Your bathing suit fits me!
     Elli:  Why are you wearing my brand new bathing suit I haven't gotten to wear it yet!
     Elli:  That is gross, it's like wearing somebody else's underwear.
     Me:   Hot tub party.
     Elli:  No mom, thats gross
     Elli:  You need to respect my personal space
     Me:  LOL
     Elli:  You didn't even ask
     Me:  Chuck says it looks good, I'm so excited I can't believe I can wear a bikini!
     Elli:  I'm not joking
     Me:  It really shows off the boobs
     Elli:  Mom this is not funny grow up.

I didn't really try it on...I just love how my teenage daughter told me to grow up.  Nope, it is too much fun to tweek you a little my dear!

Last night, Charlotte leaned over and whispered to me,  "I love you mom" - I love those moments.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shamrock'N Half Marathon Race Report

Does anyone have a good recipe for egg salad? Cuz I made hard boiled eggs today and Charlotte decided to peel three of them, slice them with an egg slicer, and not eat a single one. Kidlets!

So yesterday was the Shamrock'N Half Marathon that I participated in. I guess I'm getting a little lackadaisical in my racing endeavors because even though the direction said to be there at 6:30 I told my husband, " I don't need to be there until 7:15, the race doesn't start until 8 and I'm already checked in." But in our typical family fashion we didn't leave my house until 7:05 and it is a half hour drive...and we stopped for coffee because I thought I'd have plenty of time to use the restrooms at the baseball field where it started.

But we got stuck in a little bit of a traffic jam on the off I got there with about 10 minutes to spare, hustled to the bathroom only to find a line about 50 - 100 women long. So I decided to run without going to the bathroom first...probably shouldn't have asked for that extra shot in my latte. I did have some stomach cramping, but I managed to make it the whole race without having to stop.

I was in the second wave to start, the 9 - 11 minute mile pace...that was a very popular group. My goal was to come in around 2:15 or better so I tried to keep the 2:10 pace girl in my site (I don't know how those people carry those signs for that long while running). Last year I made the mistake of starting out too fast and totally bonked after about 3 miles. I can do 4 or 5 miles at a 9 minute pace, but not 13. I kept with my pacer pretty good, but I really felt like I was in a herd of cattle, I guess the 10 minute pace is popular.

At about 6.5 miles I saw my bootcamp trainer. This was her first race and she was doing the relay, all the relay runners started in the first wave. I could tell she was struggling (she had a blister under her big toe) so I ran with her for her last .5 miles to help her get to her exchange. She was glad to see me, and I felt good about giving her a boost...but I lost sight of my pacer at this point. It was okay though, I still had my garmin and was able to keep track of my pace pretty good.

The race was really uneventful, the last two miles I could feel my legs starting to tire...but I had my rhythm going and just kept putting one foot after the other. The coolest thing about this race, other than all the cool St. Patrick outfits people wear is that it ends at Raley Baseball Field and when you enter the stadium you run around the outside of the field and have lots of people in the stands cheering for you - my trainer was there cheering for me, my husband and girls...and you sort of feel like a rock star for a moment. Then you have to climb the stairs to get out of the stadium. Aargh! and the 1/2 mile I had to walk to my car after the race was the hardest part...but at least I didn't really feel any pain until then. My only injury other than general stiffness was some bra line chafing.

Oh yeah, my time was 2:15 (I think a 10:20 pace) - so I met my goal. I was actually hoping for a little better, maybe next time I'll actually take my training seriously and do better...maybe. I'd love to get closer to the 2 hour mark. Overall I am happy with how I did and I had fun.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Evidently, I'm Just Not Into Blogging Lately


Everyone has been sick at my house at least once in the past month - most of us multiple times and for weeks on end.

I have been pretty busy with work and taxes...that just happens to me this time of year.

But enough with the excuses. I have been keeping up with the exercise, training plan...even though there has been drama there too. The "owner" of the Bootcamp company, let go my trainer because there just wasn't enough business I guess. My trainer and I had bonded though, so she agreed to finish my training through the end of my contract even though the Bootcamp owner was the one getting paid. My trainer also decided to start her own company, so when it is time for me to rejoin I will sign with the midst of all this my original stats somehow got misplace (I don't know by whom, it doesn't really matter). When I called the original owner to ask her to "audit" her files to see if my stuff got placed in someone else's folder, she said she gave it to my trainer "But she could tell I wasn't happy" and offered me 3 months free. Bonus! but the downside is my stats were never found which kind of I will be doing 2-3 sessions a week with a trainer since I'm not going to pass up on a free session, but I also don't want to leave my trainer - cuz she and I have clicked.

I will be running a half mary in 1 1/2 weeks - the Shamrock'N Half which I ran last year. I ran 10 miles on Tuesday and feel pretty good about my pace, and also felt like I could run more, so I feel ready...I'm pretty sure I can improve my time significantly as long as I don't get hurt or make a pacing mistake.

My husband figured out how to transfer our old movie tapes onto iMovie which has been quite entertaining to watch. My kids are so funny...I may need to upload a few videos here...

It is really striking to see pictures/movies of myself from 5 years ago and realize I looked pretty dang good then, but I remember thinking I was fat. What is that about! Ugh. I wonder if I will appreciate my body more now once I get back to that or if I will still think it isn't good enough.

Monday, February 16, 2009

FFFK Race Report

First, everyone needs to go check out Nikemom's GEARED for WOMEN Giveaway.

I hope everyone is feeling all loved up after your Valentine's weekend...nothing fun here, just an old married couple so we babysat for friends.

It is blustery (I love this word, but hate the weather) here in Northern California...enough wind to blow our fence down around our pool. I hate wind more than any other weather that exists, so I decided to do a treadmill tour for my FFFK in honor of Truly Non-Runner Nancy and all the other blogosphere runners out there who are having to take a hiatus from running (Michelle with her broken toe, Kristina who is sick this week & Seabreeze who is rehabbing her foot, are a few that I am aware of).

I sort of feel like I'm cheating a bit when I run on a treadmill, for some reason I am faster there...I think cuz I suck at pacing and pushing myself which the treadmill does nicely.

My results:

Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 8:49
Mile 3: 8:48
Mile 3.1: :54
Total Time: 27:49
Avg Pace: 8:58 (I think, I suck at calculating that)

I ran my first 5K in May of 2007, after deciding to start running again in January of 2007 when I turned 39. My time in that first 5k was 35:13, pace 11:22 - needless to say I am really happy with how far I have come and glad I have stuck with it and thankful I can do it.

And just for fun, I decide to copy Marcy and Michelle and Googled what I need:

1. Shelley needs The Obvious?
2. Shelley needs some help
3. Shelley needs help! (guess I'm pretty bad off)
4. Shelley needs PCE (? IDK)
5. Shelley needs to go
6. Shelley needs Australia (yes!)
7. Shelley needs your vote!
8. Shelley needs Cocoa and Cookies
9. Shelley needs to know

and my absolute favorite...(rolling on the floor laughing cuz I'm such a square)

10. Shelley needs some West London Sex Lesbian Relationships (Mom you were right!)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my quote of the day which Delaney told me while I was tending to a bloody nose she had today:

Me: Do you know how you got this? Did you bump it?
D: No, I didn't do anything.
Me: Were you picking your nose?
D: No, I only pick it on Thursdays...I have a secret hiding spot so no one sees me.

The Secret Life of Kindergartners :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bootie Update

I've actually been sick with a bad chest cold the last 1 1/2 weeks or so, sick enough that I haven't been able to really do any exercise cuz my lungs are full of other stuff besides air...

...but I wanted to share my successes in my bootcamp so far...I am down 14 pounds! Half way to my goal! I am so excited! I really think the water and weights have made the biggest difference for me. In my opinion, I think I look like I've lost more than 14 pounds when I look at myself, and I think this is because I have definitely gained muscle tone. I'm am supposed to get measured and analyzed next week, so I will know exactly how much my body composition has changed.

I'm a little bummed I have been off track for the past week with exercise due to illness, and I haven't been diligent with my food and water...but I know I haven't been horrible either. The whole time I was sick I kept thinking I would wake up the next day with all 14 pounds plus back on my body, just cuz I hadn't worked out that day...irrational I know. But it is frustrating to think I could be even closer to my goal if I hadn't gotten sick. I've been having a hard time gettin back on the motivated track...until...

Yesterday I started looking at swimsuits and decided this is the year I WILL wear a bikini again. Haven't done that in over 5 years...I won't be going Brazilian or anything, but something cute for sure. Not skankalishious, but definitely not a full body suit that has to suck in and cover all my bodyparts and screams "I'm a Mom, and I never want to have sex again!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Freakishly Flexible 5K

In honor of Non-Runner Nancy, whose creative mind united many-a-blogger's in her virtual races, full of virtual schwag and fun...I will be running the Freakishly Flexible 5K on (or around) February 14th hosted by US Jogger. Read Nancy's story here...and join me in this race by just posting a comment in US Jogger's hood, where you can get all the official race's that easy. You can run, you can walk, you can bike...whatever self-powered juju (no cars or motorcycles) gets you moving 5K (3.1 miles - you CAN do it). Just move and do! and be Thankful you can.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Kids Are Killing Me!

Elli called at 9:30 today and said she needed $10 by 11:15 so she could by her ticket to the dance this Saturday - after I'm already at work AND after we asked her yesterday if she needed money for this.

Delaney is 6 and I spend 10 minutes every morning blow drying her hair "so it doesn't have any bumps" - thank goodness she didn't get Elli's crazy curly hair and only has slightly wavey hair. She is going to take 2 hours to get ready in the morning by the time she is 12.

Charlotte told me last night she wants to change her name to "Monkey Bean Seasalt Dolphin" - yeah, she is my goofball.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Bling

Yesterday was my birthday and one of my gifts was an abs ball...yes I actually asked for it. This is the "Setup" directions that came with it:

1. Remove the Abs Ball and workout DVD from box and check for shipping damage.

2. Your Abs Ball is now ready for use.

Good thing they gave directions, I don't know what I would have done without them!

I also got some cute new boots!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jimmy wants to say "Hi"

Hello and good day, this is your child's principal calling...

No not really, I just lapsed into the weekly recorded message that we get from Delaney's principal to update us on the happenings...nothin' bad.

Guess what...I found an old pair of jeans that fit and they are two sizes smaller than the old baggy pants, whoopidy doo! Don't think I'm not strutting around my house making my kids and hubby look at my butt and me tell how good it looks - cuz I am.

So my house has been a bit like an old Seinfeld episode lately. Charlotte is pulling "The Jimmy" on us by referring to herself in the 3rd person, which is driving me nuts! "Charlotte wants milk," "Charlotte wants a hug," "Charlotte needs help"...mommy needs to be institutionalized...

I've tried to explain to her that when she is talking about herself she should use "I" or "my" and when I say "don't talk about yourself in the 3rd person," she looks at me like "wah?" I guess that's a little over a 4 year old's head. So I just say, "okay Jimmy" which irritates her..."I'm not Jimmy! I'm Charlotte" (didn't you just hear me say Charlotte wants a hug?)...

Hopefully this is just a phase. The Seinfeld episode doesn't stop there though, Delaney dances like joke. It's hilarious.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baggy Pants and BadAss Blisters

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted...too busy working out :) I am definately back to my old smelly self. This is officially my 100th post, but I'm afraid it will be sort of anticlimactic - I don't feel creative today.

4 weeks into my Bootcamp regime and my pants are super baggy - I've lost 10 out of the 30 pounds I want to lose, plus I've gained a lot of muscle.

So my question is - When do I buy new pants? I will hopefully be losing the balance of my weight in the next 2-3 months, so it doesn't seem very frugal to be buying new pants now...but the ones I have are looking pretty pathetic.

A few other tidbits I've learned over the past month:

  1. If you wear crappy socks when you are running you will get a blister -even if it is only 4 miles...and even though you may feel like a BadAss with blood in your running shoes, really you are just stupid for continuing to run after you felt the blister burn because the skin was ripping off.
  2. Taking a hot bath with Peppermint Oil after you get your "BadAss" blisters, not a good idea - Holy Mama IT HURTS for hours after you get out of the tub.
  3. Blisters take forever to heal if you continue to aggravate them every day with exercise and running - I still have them two weeks later and they are still tender. I have pictures, but they are pretty gross so I won't be sharing them.
  4. Doing Jumping Jacks with a full bladder after you've had 3 kids is nearly impossible to do without pee leakage.
  5. PMS is natures way of messing with your head when you are trying to lose weight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bootcamp Bootie

I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks with my bootcamp coach! Woohoo! This was done with Christmas, New Years, family visits and road trips - so really, since people usually gain weight with these events, it is more like 14 pounds. I AM EMPOWERED!

I don't feel like I'm on a diet, it has been more a changing of habits.

1) Smaller, more frequent meals. I can pretty much eat what I want, I just make sure the portions are within my calorie limits. I can still get my non-fat latte's but I get a tall instead of a grande to save calories, same satisfaction! I do stay away from refined carbs and white breads and pastas. I try and get a little bit of protein at each meal, like a 35 calorie Laughing Cow light cheese wedge or a tablespoon of hummus, this helps keep my hunger in control. I'm also making sure I get lots (8 servings) of veggies and fruits everyday.

2) Always carrying a water bottle with me to stay hydrated. This has made a huge difference for me. I am pretty sure I was walking around dehydrated the last 5 years. I always felt brain foggy and tired (signs of dehydration). I have way more energy now and my head feels much clearer. Plus, your metabolism works better when you are hydrated.

3) I am waking up early (between 5:30 and 6) to exercise and I am exercising 5 to 6 days a week. At first I didn't wake up until my coach called me, now I wake up before her phone calls. This includes weight training which I have always sucked at. I can do lots of cardio, but I've always hated weights.

4) Planning ahead. I plan my workouts for the week a week in advance. On days I work, I pack my snacks and lunch for the day. We had a road trip this last weekend and I packed my veggie, fruit snacks and water for the road and found a gym I could workout at before we left. I always have a stash of nutrition bars handy too...just in case. Also, if we are going out to eat I look up the nutritional information before I order.

5) I've gone public. I've always hidden my weight loss efforts from my family and friends - except the people I live with of course. Telling them helped me a lot over the holidays because when I was offered drinks or desserts or whatever - I just said "I'm trying to lose weight so I'm gonna pass" and everyone was very supportive.

6) I love having a coach/personal trainer. She helps me through the hard stuff, not just giving me a workout program and food plan...but I can call, email, text her anytime with any questions or if I am hitting a mental block. When we were visiting family in Oregon and my grandma wanted to take us out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant (one of only two restaurants she will go to) I texted my coach - "What can I order?" and she promptly texted back with tips.

So there you go - I'm kicking bootcamp bootie.