Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Very Own Personal Trainer

I decided to try out my new shoes tonite despite the fact that I still have a low-grade fever after a week (ugh)...I wanted to break in the shoes a bit before the second race tomorrow nite in the trail run series...can't miss that for anything. Maybe I'll win something else!

Delaney decided to join me in our gym (garage) and this is how our conversation went:

D: Why are you going so slow?
M: I'm walking to warm up.
D: When are you going to go fast?
M: In a minute
D: Are you going fast yet?
M: No, not yet
D: Tell me when your gonna go fast
M: kay
D: Why aren't you going fast yet?
M: I'm easing into it since I'm not feeling well - kay, I'm going faster now
D: No your not, you should go faster.
M: Just relax
D: When are you going to go fast
M: Now

I guess I must have satisfied her because she finally backed off the incessant pestering. She should be a trainer, and she is only five...then after a few minutes she comes up with this gem.

D: Mom, when you die can I buy your house?
M: Sure
D: Thanks mom, your the best parent ever.

Glad she is planning ahead...and glad she likes our house

Then she left the workout - thank god!

Shoe review: Pretty comfy! The forefoot is just about the right amount of spacious for me and noticeably cushy! Love that. I didn't experience any knee pain, so I think I am still getting the motion control I need. Overall I am pleased, I actually think I like them better than my Mizuno Wave Alchemy 6's which desperately need to be retired.

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Kristina said...

hey shelley--have you be tested for Lyme? I had it a couple years ago with very similar symptoms that wouldn't go away, and now 2 people I know have severe cases of it. All of our docs didn't think to test for it at first, but that's what it turned out to be. Just want to make sure you're ok. p.s. nice shoes :)

Fatinah said...

all that personal training - and for free!! too funny!

Fatinah said...

We do watch Big Bang Theory - I knew there was one I was forgetting!!

thenewsarahsundae said...

I myself need some new shoes. I am not sure what I'm going to get yet.

Gotta love kids.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Ahhhh gotta love kids, huh? High fivers for being able to workout while the kiddie is in the vicinity. I'd probably go mad if I attempted it LOL

Mrs Furious said...

I left this at my site too...
#1 you must get one of these.
Hands down the best. The sticky patches are kind of hideous and Kid hated them. Trying to make her wear one was difficult. This fleece patch is completely above board... it blocks all vision... while being soft and comfortable. You only need one, even if you are alternate patching, since it is reversible. And your daughter can choose the color she likes.
You'll get it in a couple days they ship out really fast. And I think it is cheaper than a box of the sticky patches anyway.

Now did they say Strabismus or Amblyopia to you?
Patching is usually used to correct a turning in or out (or drifting) of an eye (strabismus) and/or prevent amblyopia (the loss of vision in one eye).

We've been through it all. So feel free to email me with questions.

I can leave you me real email here ;)
rachel at voltagedesign dot com

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Ah how cute is that. I am very familiar with the incessant questions. My little boy wants to marry me when he gets bigger! At least they love us now!