Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for A Little Spring Cleaning

Now that some of the dust has settled from my annual chaotic March and April (you would think I would be used to this by now, I've been a tax accountant for over 15 years, but every year I get overwhelmed and feel like I am drowning)...It is time for some spring cleaning.

In my house...mostly it is all the mail piles...I have piles everywhere cuz I just haven't had time to go through everything. So I just need a day where all I do is go through these piles and clear them out. Then things will feel like a fresh start again.

In my head - I'm feeling very unmotivated in every aspect of my life...exercise, work...and spring cleaning.

Oh, but I did get motivated to make a quilt...which I have never done before, even though I do enjoy sewing. I went to a quilt show last Saturday and thus started my current I have have little fabric quilt squares laid out amongst my piles of papers (and dust). The girls have made a game of arranging and rearranging these little squares. They also got baggies full of gold buttons from a treasure box at the fabric store which has provided hours of sorting, jewelry making, imaginative fun. It always amazes me how simple kids can be to entertain.

Soon though, I will be able to start sewing this quilt...after I get things re-organized at the home.

The same day I went to the Quilt Show, we also had an Earth Day Fair my town. At the Fair, they had a pack of Wolves that had been rescued. They were sooo cool, and I briefly entertained (a couple days)the idea of setting up my backyard as a foster home for rescued wolves...UNTIL I remember, they probably would eat my Angora Goats that I became obsessed with getting after seeing one at the San Francisco Zoo four years ago...these goats also spawned my obsession with learning to spin yarn, crochet, and felt, etc.

See how I roll? Just a little insight into my crazy mind.