Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cavepeople Unite 10k on the 10th Race Report

Saturday, May 10, 2008:

7 am - woke up and put on my running shoes so I could get my 10k in for Nancy’s Cavepeople Unite 10k on the 10th Virtual Club Run. Delaney had a softball game at 9 am so I needed to make it quick so I had time to get cleaned up and her to her game with time warm.

7:05 am - Delaney wakes up complaining about her stomach and promptly throws up in the sink – not a huge amount, but she says her tummy still hurts so we decide to keep her home from the game. Run postponed, but I think I can still get it later in the day or evening.

12:00 pm – Delaney says she still doesn’t feel well, we are supposed to go to a friend’s college graduation party. Delaney says she is well enough to go, she has a low-grade fever and she hasn’t thrown up anymore, I give her some kid’s Advil and we get ready to attend the party.

1:15 pm – We arrive at the party and within 5 minutes Delaney pukes about 5 gallons all over the kitchen floor, my leg, my shirt, etc…oddly I didn’t notice until the second convulsion because the smell blends with the smell of potato salad that is being prepared....yummy.

By the time we get home Delaney’s fever has soared to 102 – I won’t be running.

Sunday, May 11, 2008:

7 am – woke up, but I’m in no hurry. I know my family has plans for me today and last night was a restless night of sleep – but thankfully no more vomit. Delaney’s fever seems to have broken, and she proudly announces that she isn’t sick anymore at about 7:30. I decide to crawl back into bed for a little more sleep.

9 am - In my head I'm thinking I’ll get my run in then we can do some family activity…but the family wants to go to the coffee shop and grab a bite, then we go for a hike at Folsom Lake. It was really cool hiking with the girls...and we saw a horse that had bucked off its rider than ran miles riderless to get back to its home. It was really nice family time...and the hiking wore the girls out (added bonus).

3 pm – Finally I get to my run…and it was worth it. I totally BEDROCKED it…for me that is.

My pacer: I obviously needed Superhero power to get me going on this run. So I asked Captain Caveman to join me.

Nothing exciting happened during my run, just some great stats for me –

mile 1 - 10:54 - just warming up, keeping it slow
mile 2 - 9:46
mile 3 - 9:26 - this is where I realized if I pushed it I could get a sub 60 minute race in, I started out thinking I’ll just try and get a really good 10 min pace in and be at the top of my group…but we all know personal achievements are much more rewarding…so I decided to go for the sub 60 and really started pushing myself.

mile 4 - 9:20
mile 5 - 9:13 WTF! Who knew I hadit in me!
mile 6 - 9:11 Okay, I'm tired now! But I think I can do it...I can make it...
mile 6.2 - 1:45 Holy Freaking Crap, I did it!
total time – 59:35 average pace: 9:37 – watch out 8 minute cavechicks, next time I’m breaking into your group!

Alright, Cavey and I are going poolside for a beer…and back to being a mom, now Charlotte has a fever…it never ends.

Happy Mother’s Day to all…because everyone out there is a mother in one way or another.

7 Talk to me people!:

Marcy said...


Awwhhh man I'm sorry to hear about the kiddo. It's never fun when the little ones are sick :-(

Marissa said...

Great job on the run!! My goal right now is to get to an 11:30 mile...I'm so impressed that you did 6.2 miles at that pace!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I hope the kids are feeling better. You totally BEDROCKED that run. Ha ha. Love it. Nice running, girlie.


Lesley said...

Hi Shelley - what a totally useless dieting pal I turned out to be!! I've posted again this evening so I'll explain (but not excuse) my woeful performance there. Sorry to see that you've been poorly but v v proud of you for sticking to the running. Well done.

I'll be back...

Lesley xx

Nikemom said...

Awesome run cavegirl! Hope the kiddo's are better so you can keep on rockin'!!!! :)

P.O.M. said...

Great Run! You and cAVEY definately deserve a beer (or four).

Lesley said...

I think I missed this post yesterday - so I'll just say WOW! to the sub-60 minute race. That is great going. I'm not there yet but I'm going to on your tail girly!

Keep it up and I hope the family is well again soon (and you too).

Lesley x