Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Yay, today is a rest day for me - and a day off from work since it is Memorial Day - and a weigh in day. I am down 1.5 more pounds! woo hoo! I totally kicked butt on my goals last week with some very intense workouts. My body really needs a rest today. I also check my measurements and my waist and hips are down an inch, my thighs are down 1/2 inch. Boom chicka wow wow!

So I'm planning on keeping the same goals for next week - it's working, so why mess with it.
No big plans for the day other than a BBQ at home. Probably play some Wii fit with the kidlets. Still trying to talk the hubby into stepping on the board, he much prefers sitting on the couch and telling everyone else what to do -put your money where your mouth is babe.
What's for dinner you ask? We are having Portabello Mushroom Burgers (one of my favorites), and Sweet Potato Oven Fries. Yumm!

If you haven't tried Sweet Potato Fries, I highly recommend them. They are healthy (packed with lots of vitamins, not deep fried only lightly coated with olive oil), easy to make, they taste sooo good, and are a great substitute for real fries. I use this recipe from Food Network, only I substitute Emeril's Essence (Paprika, sea salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder) for the taco seasoning. Really, these are just fabulous, you have to try them! My kids like them, and that says A LOT! I have to trick them into eating healthy.

So I hope everyone who has the day off today has a great holiday. Today isn't about the right or wrongs of war - it is about the people who sacrifice their lives, body parts, families, etc. to protect others, even people they have never met before. Thank you to all the soldiers who have served and to their families and loved ones who have suffered as well.

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Marcy said...

OMG you have a Wii Fit too!! DANG YOU! LOL I want one soooo bad. It seems like everyone around here has one!

CONGRATS on the weight loss!! You've been doing awesome with your goals, chica ;D ;D

Fatinah said...

boom chicka wow wow times two - that's a lotta inches!!

CaRoLyN said...

Seriously, it was so hard to read this post without constantly glancing at the burger and fries. I had ro re-read every line like 3 times! ha!

I LOVE sweet potato fries, but I want to try your recipe. Most times I just throw oil and a little salt on them and bake. Burger looks yummy too!! Good Summertime dish!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh you are doing so awesome. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I can't seem to get it together yet to get to that zone (you know, where you WANT to do it).

I LOVE Emeril's Essence. Will have to try those. Thanks for the tip.

Have a great week. We are Wii Fitting too and the kiddos are loving it.

eurydice said...

tag, you're it! see my blog for details. :)

Nikemom said...

Excellent job!

I LOVE sweet potato fries - deep fat fried! ;) I'll have to try your recipe, they sound fabulous.