Monday, August 25, 2008

Seven Things - Week in Review

Seven good things last week:

  1. My husband and I rocked out making a landmark out of Delaney starting Kindergarten. I took Delaney out for a special mother daughter day. Plus, my husband and I made her a special dinner the night before, pancakes the morning of, and took her out to lunch when we picked her up the first day.
  2. Got my bills paid.
  3. Got caught up on my laundry…but now I am behind again, and my house completely cleaned…but now it is messy again. Oh well, gotta love those kids.
  4. My Mom, step-dad, two sisters and a brother-in-law are visiting and we have had lots of good family time…my house is a little more chaotic than normal, but it is worth it.
  5. I went kayaking with my girls on Saturday. I took both of the little ones out with me individually on the lake and let them have a shot at rowing. It was fun, and now my arms are a little sore…I’d love to do that more often.
  6. Danced and sang with a bunch of little kids at a birthday party on Saturday night (Saturday was busy). One year olds are funny.
  7. Made it to church.

Notice how none of my good things related to diet and exercise? That will change this week, I am ready to recommit, my mindset is there…next weeks list will rock!

Three things I will do this week:

  1. Get on a better eating plan.
  2. Get all my runs in.
  3. Spend one-on-one time with each of my three girls.

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Char wishing her sister off...

The kindergarten class lines up
A little tentative (or cold)
Her teacher is going through menopause and hot flashes, so several of the students were shivering...the teacher sweetly said "I don't get cold!" I guess we need to pack jackets for the classroom.

There's the door Mom and Dad!

Really! You need to leave!

Pick-up...I'm a star!

A good first day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slow Train Back

It is taking me forever to get back on track after our vacation to Disneyland! I am still behind in work, home, diet and exercise...but each day I get a little closer to being caught up, at least that is what I'm telling myself.

Disneyland was lots of fun, we probably spent close to 45 hours in 3 days at the parks. Everyone was exhausted, but we did every ride we wanted to. My favorite ride was Soaring Over California in the California Adventure park...way cool. I had five girls with me ranging from 4 to 15, and they were all pretty major meltdowns (other than my husbands), and no one got lost. Charlotte is ready to go back (she has a list of character signatures she still wants), but Delaney thinks staying at home is just fine since we don't have the earthquakes and fire alarms here that we experienced on our trip.

Now I am ready for a real vacation where I can sit on a beach, stare at the ocean, and drink pina coladas or beers or margaritas...sigh...

My running has been sporadic at best, I have been having a hard time getting out of vacation mode with the diet and exercise. I think I will only be doing a half marathon on October and push my full out to December...otherwise I will probably hurt myself and it just isn't worth it. But I need to do it in December or I will be disappointed in myself. I need to do some more late night trips to the gym to launch my undercover surveillance of the "massage" parlor next far my day trips have provided no conclusive evidence.

Delaney starts kindergarten today...wah! Ask her if she is excited...NO! Ask Charlotte if she is excited...YES (now she gets mommy all to herself when Delaney's at school). We got all of her clothes laid out last night. Got her backpack packed with her supplies and a snack. I need to find a box of tissues cuz I'll be crying in a couple hours when we do drop-off. I'll be updating with her first day pictures later.