Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hmmm...So What Now?

So after the endorphin high from the race last week wore off, I started realizing I have not signed up for any other races to keep me going...other than the lottery for the Nike Women's, which is a crap shoot. It has become painfully obvious to me the last week or so, that without that carrot hanging out there - I won't train the way I should, or even worse I won't train at all (which has been the case the past week).

It has been gorgeous weather here the past week, perfect for running and I haven't put my hooves in running shoes once since last week. I have been busy gardening and fixing up my back yard, which looks great by the way...but I need running motivation! I have been searching the web, consulting the hubby and my handy dandy notebook, to come up with my 2008 race schedule (still tentative, but it is a start).

Run Rocklin 12k - April 20, 2008. This should get me back on track with a training program and it is a nice middle distance.

The American River Parkway Half Marathon - May 3, 2008. Maybe, I would have to miss one of Delaney's softball game for looks like a beautiful run though.
Run for the Me-One 10k - June 1, 2008. I had a hard time finding many local races close by during the summer...maybe because it is can be 110+ in July and August around here.

Tough as Granite Half Marathon - September 20, 2008. Sounds too cool to pass up.

Cowtown Marathon or Half Marathon - October 5, 2008. This depends on if I get into Nike Women's or not. If I don't make it into the Nike Women's I may make this my first marathon. If I do make it into Nike Women's, I will probably do the half on this...I just like the name, and it is local so how can I miss it!

California International Marathon - December 7, 2008. I participated in this race last December as part of a relay team. I was really jealous of the medals the full marathoners got, so I'm doing the full one this year as my second marathon.
Boy, that looks like a pretty serious schedule now that it is in writing! I may be biting off more than I can chew (my nature) - or talk my husband into driving me too! I guess I better get my arse back in my running shoes!

How Do I Love Thee

Top Ten - Reasons why I love my husband:

10) He is a little bit crazier than me.

9) He is a fantabulous cook - even though he does sabotage my diet efforts.

8) He is a sweet dad and takes the girls to Disney on Ice, spoils them rotten, and lets me stay home (I hate those things).

7) He looks really cute in glasses

6) He humors all my "hobbies" and will drive me to a race at 5:30 am, or to Oregon to pick up a goat...

5) He likes to shop, so I don't have too.

4) He buys weird, useless gadgets - like the device that shoves limes into your beer - just like a thumb.

3) His voice - we met on the phone, and the first time I heard his voice I had a Wayne's World DoodlyDoo moment.

2) He has had heated car seats 9 out of the 1o years I have known him.

and the top reason why I love my husband:

1) His 800 mg prescription for Ibuprofen

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrock'N Race Report

Woke up at 5:20 after a night of not sleeping so well. I'm not sure if it was the anticipation or the tummy ache I got after eating dinner the night before. My husband and I loaded up the girls, got some pre-race coffee, and headed to Raley Field in Sacramento where the event took place.

We had some pretty good winds today, so it was freaking cold to my California acclimated body. The race started promptly at 8 am, and I was happy to be running to warm up! I started out the first 3 miles at my goal 10 min pace, and they felt great, easy - I was really happy!

After mile 3 I started having some issues though and slowed way down - back ache, wheezy from the wind induced allergies, and still a twinge of a tummy ache. These are the times I wish I had a running buddy that could push me along when I'm not feeling like pushing myself. I was actually jealous of the women who were chatting along easily with their running buddies while they were running, it seemed so much more effortless for them. I really needed my ipod, but they were a no-no, and I can't break rules (character flaw). I kept going though, just not as fast as I really wanted to, so here are my stats.

Miles: 13.1
Time: 2:28
Avg Pace: 11:20

Road Kill Spotted : 1
Men Running in Kilts Spotted: 1
Men Running in Combat Boots and Camos: 1 (now that is bad ass)
People Running in Crazy Leprechaun Attire: Too many to count

Not quite what I hoped for, but I guess I can't complain. I'll just have to sign up for another half so I can get my 2:10 time, or heck maybe even better. The best part was running up to Raley Field for the last 1/2 mile and seeing my husband and girls cheering me on from the steps.

The course wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't horrible either. No major hills, but not the most scenic (it is hard to compare with Tahoe as my standard). There wasn't enough crowd support for my liking, I really could have used it today!

Post race celebration: Jacuzzi tub, Dreyers Coconut Fruit Bar in one hand, and a Gordon Beirsch Marzen in the other. Pure Bliss.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides of March

Born on "The Ides of March" - Ceasar. My first goat kid this season.

His adorable sister, Lolita.

And proof that I can do good things in this world, the chicken I saved. She is now fully up and around roaming the farm - you don't know how good it felt to have actually pulled of saving her. I truly thought she was lost when I found her with her neck hanging...what a great day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gearing Up for Shamrock'N Half

The anticipation is building, I'm really starting to get amped for my race on Sunday. Today I picked up my race packet for Sunday's the bib number, timing chip, a goody bag with only one goody (not so good tasting Clif Shot Bloks)...I really like getting the free stay-put pony tail holders, but no luck this time. I did get a really kick ass race shirt, and that makes up for the poor goody bag.

The shirt nicely accents the boobage too.

So now I'm worrying about what to wear to race in. I had picked out some blue Adidas shorts and a complimentary shirt...but I really like the race shirt too (part of me doesn't like wearing something most of the others will be wearing though).

My main stress right now though is my body has been threatening to start "that time of the month" all week...and here it is 2 1/2 days before the race and still nothing. My biggest fear is that it starts the day of the race...the first day is the worst! I am praying to start tomorrow, so then I'll be on day 3 by the race- I can handle that. What do real racers do? Well, they probably have too low of body fat and have amenorhia - so no worries about that. I know some people take the pill to control when they get their periods, but the pill gives me migraines so that isn't an option. HELP!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

40 is the New Cheerleader

Looks like I turned 40 just in time to be cool. I remember thinking how old my parents were when they were my age - but suddenly it is hip to be 40! TV Land is unleashing a reality tv show about people celebrating turning "the F word."

After two months of living in this 40 year old skin, I have found 40 to be great. It has motivated me to actually do things I had put off for years. I feel like I am accomplished, successful in my career and family...and I really don't care what others think about me. I am very comfortable in speaking my mind, but I also have learned that speaking my mind isn't always a good thing.

Downside of 40: in most of the race stats that I have read, women in the 40-45 age range kick ass over women in the 35-40 range. Guess I'm not the only person the birthday has motivated. Darn, I'm going to have to train harder to get a good finish placement!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Blue Day

I haven't been in much of a mood to write the past few days, bad weekend. I am happy to be at my office today, which is kind of weird. I usually dread Mondays.

Funny thing, I worked all last week on a cash flow report for my bosses companies - ready to present at a 10 am meeting this morning...he comes out of another meeting about 5 minutes before our meeting and says we need to transfer bocu bucks overseas...totally changes my report! Aargh!

Friday I was down 5 pounds after two weeks of no wine, and a month of no Diet Coke....but Saturday was rough and I caved on both the wine and Diet Coke front. I'll be lucky to maintain this week, but we will see. I feel back on track now, so I might be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

I need to gear up for my run next Sunday and get my head in a better place.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nike Women's Marathon

I did it....I put my name in the hat for the Nike Women's Marathon's random drawing. Wish me luck, I'd love to have this be my first marathon.

I'm also have a call into Team in Training, which if I do that I would be guaranteed a spot. The kicker is I would need to raise $3,000....a little scary to me.

One thing is for sure, I need to get my chafing under control on my long runs....ouch! I'm planning on picking up some body glide this week, but I chafe in a new spot every week!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rocky Horror Meets High School Musical

Sometimes the imagination of children can really take you by surprise. Today I discovered this:

Delaney's Troy Bolton doll that she got for Christmas, dressed in a cute little Barbie nightie, sitting on a lounge chair. FREAKING HILARIOUS! She even put his hand up in the drama pose.

Since I was a tornado cleaner chick last weekend, I ended up missing my long run on Sunday. So I did a 4 miler yesterday and my long run of 11 miles today. Today my first 6 miles came in at 62:30 (10:25 pace), and the last 5 came in at 50 minutes on the button (10:00 pace). I'll take it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A View of My Run

I frequently run at the reservoir up my street because it is safe, no traffic and close. It does involve running "laps" which can be tiresome - but I'm still enjoying running in this spot. I took my daughters for a nature walk up there the other day and thought I'd share some pics.

Daffodils on my street (for Nancy - I'd send them to ya if I could)!

My street dead ends at this pistachio field. There is a dirt road that I take around it that leads to the reservoir.

The reservoir....where we find lots of fun animals such as ducks, geese, turtle, and beavers.

Wooded trail along the backside of the reservoir.

There are also the lovely, rolling hills that surround to look at.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Reveal

Okay, here we go. I still have the doll house in there, but I was able to make space for it against the wall so everything is much more open now. I am so happy! I feel like I have my space back. The amazing thing to me in this process was how once dysfunctional space in your house really effects so many other areas in your house. I was able to clear out a lot of other areas once I got my office organized and made space for everything.

When I pulled this picture up on my computer, I looked at the floor and said "oh crap, I need to mop!" Not today though, too tired I need a nap. So avert your eyes if it bothers you.

Still some toys in the room, but it is much more organized now - I thinned out a bunch more. After this weekend I have another Salvation Army call to make!

And I have my dining room back - yeah! Thank you Mrs. Furious!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Embarrassing Before

Today Mrs. Furious issued an organizational challenge, and since I have been afraid to step foot in my office for the last few months I decided what better time to tackle the disaster. Especially since I'm not one to pass up a challenge. I don't know what is harder, posting before pictures of my house or before pictures of me.....must be me, because I haven't dared to do that. So this is my shame, the worst room in my house, the place where I am suppose to conduct business....pretty pathetic, huh? What is really scary is my entire house was spotless last June....we had the house on the market but then decided we would just remodel instead. The remodel did throw our house out of sync quite a bit, we were sleeping in the living room, moving furniture from room to room. Really though, this room just got out of hand and I have been too afraid to tackle it.

Part of the problem here is that not only is it my office, we also use it as a playroom for the girls. So all the toys and playthings that there isn't room for in the girls room overflow into here, and they have way too much stuff. Yes, that is a giant dollhouse in the center of my office. The girls got the dollhouse from Santa (aka Costco), and it has engulfed the office. It is four feet high, and three feet square. Yes, they are spoiled.

Compounding things, I recently changed jobs and will be operating a business out of my home office too....yes this one (really time to get this under control)! But I haven't unpacked all of the boxes or hung my diploma and certificates on the walls. They have been sitting there for 3 months!

More Toys!

Yes, I know it is horrible. My life is chaotic and my house reflects that. I am a slob, and every member of my family is too. No one can put anything away! No one seems to know where the garbage can is.

But where do I put all this stuff? In order to get my office organized I really need to get my girls room organized, so I can move SOME of their toys to their bedroom.....thus my second set of before pictures - The Girl's Room.

The beds aren't even made.

This is the worst!

We even have The Berenstein Bears "A Messy Room" - guess we haven't read that one yet.

Once I get these two rooms cleaned, I may be able to reclaim my dining room. This is where I have been working since I am afraid of my office, and it was also a primary storage area during our remodel. Third set of befores - "The Dining Room"

Needless to say, we don't eat in our dining room.

AFTER (partial):

So after working 8 HOURS today, I did manage to get the girls rooms organized and clean, and I put a pretty good dent in the office. Here are the after of the girls room, I will post the rest of my afters tomorrow.