Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yo Mamma

Day in review:

6:30 am – Woke up when I heard Delaney pop out of bed (who was up past 11 last night watching a movie)…she is such a morning person and always wakes up happy, it can be really annoying when you want to sleep in.

Charlotte woke up a little while later, at this point I stayed in bed listening to a Jillian Michael’s podcast while Chuck and the girls made me breakfast.

8 am - I was served two eggs over easy, toast, Canadian bacon, a small serving of country potatoes, and fresh strawberries, along with my favorite sections of the newspaper and a non-fat latte…my favorite breakfast, yum. Too many calories for one meal…but I’m not stressing over that today.

I also got the biggest Mother’s Day card ever (about 3’ by 2’), the smallest Mother’s Day card ever (about 1” by 1”), a really sweet homemade card, and a recorded card from Elli that made me cry…not that it takes much to make me tear up, I’m a sensitive soul.

9 am – Got a pedicure from a 4 year old and a manicure from a 6 year old. Even though I was asked to pick my favorite color, they managed to lop on 3 extra layers of sparkle polish “cuz it’s pretty Mom.”

After this I did some Mom stuff - a little tidying up, started some laundry, and sewed a button on Chuck’s shirt.

10:30ish - We went to a local outdoor mall that has a cool fountain “Bellagio style” – the fountain is choreographed to the music that is playing. It is very relaxing and the girls can stare at it for hours. We browsed some of the shops and the girls also played in the water fountain playground - Charlotte got soaked!.

12 pm – Had lunch at The Counter and had a pretty good Veggie Burger. The service was poor though. Our waitress forgot our appetizer order and blamed the slow kitchen even though our regular food had been served??? Then she forgot our waters that we requested, I asked if that was because of the slow kitchen too…Chuck was so upset with the service he refused to compulsively stack the dishes when we were done (I have never been to a restaurant with him where he hasn’t done this to help the wait staff out).

1:30 pm – Went to the nursery and got some bell pepper plants and various seeds to plant – including pumpkins. I always forget about pumpkins until August and then it is too late to plant them. This year I remembered, yeah! It will be fun to grow our own pumpkins for Halloween.

3 pm – Sat by the pool and watched Charlotte swim while typing this post and a ladybug crawled up my leg.

4 pm - Called my mom and grandmother.

Still to do today – Plant my bell peppers, start the seeds and some other gardening when it cools off a bit, dinner, exercise (30 day shred and maybe a light run).

Overall, two thumbs up for the day. The only downside was Elli was with her dad, which blows but I know she loves me and I didn’t want to get into the trading weekends drama. I ended up not doing the Race for the Cure yesterday, and I have no guilt. I had not solicited any sponsors so I wasn't letting anyone down, only avoiding a crowd - I hit my bootcamp workout instead.

Hope everyone else out there had a great day and weekend too!

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raulgonemobile said...

Sounds like a good day! Happy Mother's Day (a day late)