Monday, February 16, 2009

FFFK Race Report

First, everyone needs to go check out Nikemom's GEARED for WOMEN Giveaway.

I hope everyone is feeling all loved up after your Valentine's weekend...nothing fun here, just an old married couple so we babysat for friends.

It is blustery (I love this word, but hate the weather) here in Northern California...enough wind to blow our fence down around our pool. I hate wind more than any other weather that exists, so I decided to do a treadmill tour for my FFFK in honor of Truly Non-Runner Nancy and all the other blogosphere runners out there who are having to take a hiatus from running (Michelle with her broken toe, Kristina who is sick this week & Seabreeze who is rehabbing her foot, are a few that I am aware of).

I sort of feel like I'm cheating a bit when I run on a treadmill, for some reason I am faster there...I think cuz I suck at pacing and pushing myself which the treadmill does nicely.

My results:

Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 8:49
Mile 3: 8:48
Mile 3.1: :54
Total Time: 27:49
Avg Pace: 8:58 (I think, I suck at calculating that)

I ran my first 5K in May of 2007, after deciding to start running again in January of 2007 when I turned 39. My time in that first 5k was 35:13, pace 11:22 - needless to say I am really happy with how far I have come and glad I have stuck with it and thankful I can do it.

And just for fun, I decide to copy Marcy and Michelle and Googled what I need:

1. Shelley needs The Obvious?
2. Shelley needs some help
3. Shelley needs help! (guess I'm pretty bad off)
4. Shelley needs PCE (? IDK)
5. Shelley needs to go
6. Shelley needs Australia (yes!)
7. Shelley needs your vote!
8. Shelley needs Cocoa and Cookies
9. Shelley needs to know

and my absolute favorite...(rolling on the floor laughing cuz I'm such a square)

10. Shelley needs some West London Sex Lesbian Relationships (Mom you were right!)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my quote of the day which Delaney told me while I was tending to a bloody nose she had today:

Me: Do you know how you got this? Did you bump it?
D: No, I didn't do anything.
Me: Were you picking your nose?
D: No, I only pick it on Thursdays...I have a secret hiding spot so no one sees me.

The Secret Life of Kindergartners :)

5 Talk to me people!:

Marcy said...


ROFLMAO at the kiddo! Ahhh the youngins. The things they say. So cute.

Michelle said...

Hi and thank you for mentioning me in your FFFK post!!! I really appreciate that Shelly!!!

You rocked that 5K!!! My fastest 5K is 27.55!!!

And those google I needs are hilarious!!

The last one is a classic!!! I am giggling!!!

That quote is the best!!! I only pick it on Thursdays!!! I love your child!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Love the kindergarten quotes. They are something.

Thanks much for thinking of me and running for me when I can't. Think I can get credit for the calories? Probably not. :D

Great time!!


P.O.M. said...

I wonder why only on thursdays??? What a crack up.

raulgonemobile said...

Sorry I'm late.. nice job on the run.. It's great to see the improvements, isn't it?

Love the kindergarten story.. so funny