Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kidlet Tales

Two posts in two days...blow me down!  I just wanted to talk about my kids a little, so for those of you who are bored with people who talk about their kids all the time...go away.

Delaney woke up today and immediately pinched her sister Charlotte who was still half asleep - you know, cuz her jammies weren't green.  I think Delaney has been looking forward to pinching others ever since I mentioned this consequence of not wearing green on St. Patty's Day last week - I thought she would be concerned about wearing green, but when she kept quizzing me on the proper etiquette of pinching I knew what wheels were turning in her head.  As soon as she eyeballed me this morning I ran to my closet to get my green sweatshirt on quick.

This is the same child who asked me on the Saturday before my race why I do races.  "You don't win Mom."  Trying to explain to her that just finishing is winning, personal goals, blah blah blah, doesn't really convince her - she saw the people who got the "real" medals.  She is a little competitive, always has to be first to the car, first out of the car, will body check her sister, me, or anyone else who is impeding her progress of being FIRST...and the kid race that I entered her in and she ran with a fever (I know, bad mom), she placed first.

My oldest daughter is mad a me...she isn't talking to me.  This is the texting conversation that got me in trouble with her:
     Me:  Guess what?  Your bathing suit fits me!
     Elli:  Why are you wearing my brand new bathing suit I haven't gotten to wear it yet!
     Elli:  That is gross, it's like wearing somebody else's underwear.
     Me:   Hot tub party.
     Elli:  No mom, thats gross
     Elli:  You need to respect my personal space
     Me:  LOL
     Elli:  You didn't even ask
     Me:  Chuck says it looks good, I'm so excited I can't believe I can wear a bikini!
     Elli:  I'm not joking
     Me:  It really shows off the boobs
     Elli:  Mom this is not funny grow up.

I didn't really try it on...I just love how my teenage daughter told me to grow up.  Nope, it is too much fun to tweek you a little my dear!

Last night, Charlotte leaned over and whispered to me,  "I love you mom" - I love those moments.  

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! Love your blog! I saw that you follow my mom's blog, "Finding the runner in me" and noticed you are doing the cowtown! thats cool. I live in Sacramento and am planning on doing the Bay to Breakers in SF and the CIM in December. I used to be a distance runner but I fallen off the wagon the the past 2 years. I'm trying top get in the swing of it again. Any who check out my blog I'd love to hearfrom you!

raulgonemobile said...

Oh, wow.. That's hilarious! It really is!

Marcy said...

I AM SO torturing my children the same way! HAHAHAA! Classic!

P.O.M. said...

Ha. It's so fun to make teenagers even more crazy than they already are :)

Sparky said...

re: comment on my blog. Arse? Hilarious! Last time I hear that was from my 84 year old grannie and she left this world in 1990 :) Thanks Miss. Shelly!

Michelle said...


Poor Elli!!! NAH, your cool!!!

eurydice said...

hahahaha i would have been so mad if my mom (or sister) tried on my suit before i got to wear it. (ten years ago of course)

jessica said...

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

awww I love those moments too. You are too funny with the bikini!