Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Kids Are Killing Me!

Elli called at 9:30 today and said she needed $10 by 11:15 so she could by her ticket to the dance this Saturday - after I'm already at work AND after we asked her yesterday if she needed money for this.

Delaney is 6 and I spend 10 minutes every morning blow drying her hair "so it doesn't have any bumps" - thank goodness she didn't get Elli's crazy curly hair and only has slightly wavey hair. She is going to take 2 hours to get ready in the morning by the time she is 12.

Charlotte told me last night she wants to change her name to "Monkey Bean Seasalt Dolphin" - yeah, she is my goofball.

2 Talk to me people!:

USJogger said...

Our two teenage girls are polar opposites. One showers all the time, wears heavy make-up (think raccoon!) and big earrings and fashionable clothes. The other never wants to shower, wouldn't dream of make-up, and throws on any old thing that won't hold her back from serious play. Does anyone have normal kids?

Hey, thanks for joining the FFFK. This is gonna be great!

Fatinah said...

I love your posts about your kids!

sounds like you need to invest in a hair straightner!!