Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baggy Pants and BadAss Blisters

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted...too busy working out :) I am definately back to my old smelly self. This is officially my 100th post, but I'm afraid it will be sort of anticlimactic - I don't feel creative today.

4 weeks into my Bootcamp regime and my pants are super baggy - I've lost 10 out of the 30 pounds I want to lose, plus I've gained a lot of muscle.

So my question is - When do I buy new pants? I will hopefully be losing the balance of my weight in the next 2-3 months, so it doesn't seem very frugal to be buying new pants now...but the ones I have are looking pretty pathetic.

A few other tidbits I've learned over the past month:

  1. If you wear crappy socks when you are running you will get a blister -even if it is only 4 miles...and even though you may feel like a BadAss with blood in your running shoes, really you are just stupid for continuing to run after you felt the blister burn because the skin was ripping off.
  2. Taking a hot bath with Peppermint Oil after you get your "BadAss" blisters, not a good idea - Holy Mama IT HURTS for hours after you get out of the tub.
  3. Blisters take forever to heal if you continue to aggravate them every day with exercise and running - I still have them two weeks later and they are still tender. I have pictures, but they are pretty gross so I won't be sharing them.
  4. Doing Jumping Jacks with a full bladder after you've had 3 kids is nearly impossible to do without pee leakage.
  5. PMS is natures way of messing with your head when you are trying to lose weight.

9 Talk to me people!:

Fatinah said...

your post is hilarious! Glad to hear things are going so well!

SeaBreeze said...

Love your post and congrats.

Buy one or two pairs of inexpensive pants and then you won't feel bad passing them onto the Salvation Army when you shrink out of them.

P.O.M. said...

I would hold off on the pants as long as you can. Or buy one pair of cheapies in the "middle" size.

I hear ya on the blisters. Mine keep coming back in the same spots.

Congrats on the 10 lbs. That is tres fantastique.

Marcy said...

OMG OMG #2 I have sympathy pains!

Lesley said...

I'd buy some cheap and cheerful trousers to tide you over. You'll feel better wearing something that fits and it'll spur you on to get where you want to go!

That jumping jack thing sounds amusing!!

Lesley x

eurydice said...

congrats on your loss! i would buy some cheap pants now.

Sparky said...

Very true.

I would buy pants now just one or two pairs.

You deserve them :)

Kiki said...

Hey Shelley, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog, I hate to say this because it sounds like self promotion, but I work for Gap and we just had some decent markdowns on denim and trousers....If you have a store near you I'd check it out. Oh and try to get a friendly associate to help you, I am super passionate about good jeans...I hope it goes well !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

About the pants: Seriously the size pants I wear are 4,6,8,10, and 12. As long as you have a good belt you can wear any size of pants.

Your birthday ball and running exploits are very inspiring Shelley! I am going to try and not eat so much today that I feel like I need to hurl. Superbowl is kinda like thanksgiving huh?