Monday, September 8, 2008

1 Day Down, 29 To Go

Day one went pretty good...but my first attempt at AbRipperX was pathetic - I think I was only able to complete about a third of the moves....and I am SORE today.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have worn spandex that sucks in the gut in my before pictures...cuz really my tummy don't look good, and there is back fat, and I just hate it when I feel like a roll of fat is restricting my movement...but thanks for the positive comments. Marcy...I was very lucky to only get one very small stretch mark on my lower tummy in my 3 pregnancies...hate me if you want, but on the bright side you're faster and skinner than me.

After posting my before pics, I noticed that Glam is doing a little Muffin Meltdown challenge of her own starting next week. I've decided to join in on her challenge for a little extra if you have a muffin top your wanting to get rid of go check that out.

So today I'm taking off work early, picking up my girls and our family is going to the lake to try out our new kayaks! Woot! We got two sit-on-top kayaks so we can toodle around the lake with our kidlets. The kayaks just came in today and it should be so much fun to be able to go to the lake, picnic and get some family exercise too.

3 Talk to me people!:

Marcy said...

Yeah, you're still a jerk ;-) KIDDING! I'm so jealous. I got shafted HARD CORE in the genetic dept with those babies. I knew I was going to get them even before I got pregnant (I had a lot from puberty.) Looks like Freddy Kruger slashed the heck out of my stomach.

Have fun today! Sounds like it's going to be a fantastic and fun time ;D

Randi said...

If it's called AbRipperX, it's probably meant to completely destroy you. Being sore is a good thing!

Sparky said...

Please give us lots of opinions on this whole P90X system. Very interested to hear about it.