Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Embarrassing Before

Today Mrs. Furious issued an organizational challenge, and since I have been afraid to step foot in my office for the last few months I decided what better time to tackle the disaster. Especially since I'm not one to pass up a challenge. I don't know what is harder, posting before pictures of my house or before pictures of me.....must be me, because I haven't dared to do that. So this is my shame, the worst room in my house, the place where I am suppose to conduct business....pretty pathetic, huh? What is really scary is my entire house was spotless last June....we had the house on the market but then decided we would just remodel instead. The remodel did throw our house out of sync quite a bit, we were sleeping in the living room, moving furniture from room to room. Really though, this room just got out of hand and I have been too afraid to tackle it.

Part of the problem here is that not only is it my office, we also use it as a playroom for the girls. So all the toys and playthings that there isn't room for in the girls room overflow into here, and they have way too much stuff. Yes, that is a giant dollhouse in the center of my office. The girls got the dollhouse from Santa (aka Costco), and it has engulfed the office. It is four feet high, and three feet square. Yes, they are spoiled.

Compounding things, I recently changed jobs and will be operating a business out of my home office too....yes this one (really time to get this under control)! But I haven't unpacked all of the boxes or hung my diploma and certificates on the walls. They have been sitting there for 3 months!

More Toys!

Yes, I know it is horrible. My life is chaotic and my house reflects that. I am a slob, and every member of my family is too. No one can put anything away! No one seems to know where the garbage can is.

But where do I put all this stuff? In order to get my office organized I really need to get my girls room organized, so I can move SOME of their toys to their bedroom.....thus my second set of before pictures - The Girl's Room.

The beds aren't even made.

This is the worst!

We even have The Berenstein Bears "A Messy Room" - guess we haven't read that one yet.

Once I get these two rooms cleaned, I may be able to reclaim my dining room. This is where I have been working since I am afraid of my office, and it was also a primary storage area during our remodel. Third set of befores - "The Dining Room"

Needless to say, we don't eat in our dining room.

AFTER (partial):

So after working 8 HOURS today, I did manage to get the girls rooms organized and clean, and I put a pretty good dent in the office. Here are the after of the girls room, I will post the rest of my afters tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Furious said...

Good Work! The kids' stuff is always the most overwhelming and engulfing (okay except for maybe paperwork) and I totally get the needing to do the kids' room first (looks great by the way).

I do find that taking the pictures opens my eyes to real level of the mess and disorder that I kind of become blind to on a daily level.

And for anyone who might be passing judgement... lets just put a reminder out there that anyone could take close ups of 3 messy areas of their houses and it would look VERY similar!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice job!! I have some befores that are pretty bad too. We are working on them as we speak. Last weekend, I did all the drawers in the bathroom and hub is working on the storage room (he has been for weeks though - I think he just goes down there to get away!)

Good job tackling it. I love it so much when it is clean. Why don't we keep it that way and forget so easily?

Feener said...

job well done. nothing feels better. cept there always seems to be something in NEED of cleaning....the bottomless pit.

Lesley said...

Hi Shelley - a stone is 14lbs! I lost nearly 9 of them last year and am battling to keep them off!!

Catch you later.

Lesley x