Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hmmm...So What Now?

So after the endorphin high from the race last week wore off, I started realizing I have not signed up for any other races to keep me going...other than the lottery for the Nike Women's, which is a crap shoot. It has become painfully obvious to me the last week or so, that without that carrot hanging out there - I won't train the way I should, or even worse I won't train at all (which has been the case the past week).

It has been gorgeous weather here the past week, perfect for running and I haven't put my hooves in running shoes once since last week. I have been busy gardening and fixing up my back yard, which looks great by the way...but I need running motivation! I have been searching the web, consulting the hubby and my handy dandy notebook, to come up with my 2008 race schedule (still tentative, but it is a start).

Run Rocklin 12k - April 20, 2008. This should get me back on track with a training program and it is a nice middle distance.

The American River Parkway Half Marathon - May 3, 2008. Maybe, I would have to miss one of Delaney's softball game for looks like a beautiful run though.
Run for the Me-One 10k - June 1, 2008. I had a hard time finding many local races close by during the summer...maybe because it is can be 110+ in July and August around here.

Tough as Granite Half Marathon - September 20, 2008. Sounds too cool to pass up.

Cowtown Marathon or Half Marathon - October 5, 2008. This depends on if I get into Nike Women's or not. If I don't make it into the Nike Women's I may make this my first marathon. If I do make it into Nike Women's, I will probably do the half on this...I just like the name, and it is local so how can I miss it!

California International Marathon - December 7, 2008. I participated in this race last December as part of a relay team. I was really jealous of the medals the full marathoners got, so I'm doing the full one this year as my second marathon.
Boy, that looks like a pretty serious schedule now that it is in writing! I may be biting off more than I can chew (my nature) - or talk my husband into driving me too! I guess I better get my arse back in my running shoes!

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Holy crap, when you say you need a schedule, you make a SCHEDULE. :D I'm totally with you on the needing the carrot. It is actually why the virtual races that I started were born. I ran my half and let everything just go. I figured I better get someothing on the calendar fast and there was nothing around (winter in Iowa) so I created a race! That was so much fun. Looking for some more fun ideas and an excuse to do another. Doesn't look like you are in too much need of one now. :D Good for you. Real races over virtual anyday.

I'm mulling over a 10k on Sunday. It's practically in my neighborhood.

Take care!!

P.O.M. said...

That's alot on the books! I always need a race to be training for too - but I can only think of one thing at a time. The immediate goal. :)

Danielle said...

Did you get into the Nike Women's? I didn't :(