Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rocky Horror Meets High School Musical

Sometimes the imagination of children can really take you by surprise. Today I discovered this:

Delaney's Troy Bolton doll that she got for Christmas, dressed in a cute little Barbie nightie, sitting on a lounge chair. FREAKING HILARIOUS! She even put his hand up in the drama pose.

Since I was a tornado cleaner chick last weekend, I ended up missing my long run on Sunday. So I did a 4 miler yesterday and my long run of 11 miles today. Today my first 6 miles came in at 62:30 (10:25 pace), and the last 5 came in at 50 minutes on the button (10:00 pace). I'll take it.

2 Talk to me people!:

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I love the pic and the tag line. God, their minds are funny.

JIMSIGHT said...

BWAaaahaahahahahahahah!!!!! OMG I just scared my mini - wiener dog to death I laughed so loud...thank you thank you thank you...