Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chicken Run

Two days ago one of my dogs (not my favorite) cornered one of my chickens and caused some damage. I actually thought the chicken had died, but when I went to "take care" of her, she was still breathing and was actually still standing. She was in pretty bad shape, I really didn't think she would make it....but I have a soft spot for animals (this is why I still have that annoying dog) so I wrapped her up, gave her some first aid and antibiotics and hoped she would make it. She is actually doing quite well now, 2 days later and has been nesting in a box on my treadmill in the garage with a heat lamp for warmth. I think I will put her back in her coop tomorrow. I needed to get a run in tonight, so I gently moved her box next to the treadmill and she kept me company.

I ran 3 miles in just under 30 minutes, then did 40 minutes of walking with interval inclines to burn just under 700 calories in total. Whoop!

So I have a little over 2 weeks until Shamrock'N Half. I'm pretty excited for it! My first half was Lake Tahoe, which was soooo hard with the hills and elevation. This one is flat and in my home town so I know I will have a much better time......unless I get hurt or something. I shouldn't say that, I may jinx myself!
My workout schedule for the next week:
  • Friday - 60 min Treadmill w/ incline intervals & strength

  • Saturday - 5 mile pace run

  • Sunday - 11 mile run

  • Monday - Stretch & Strength Training

  • Tuesday - 5 mile run

  • Wednesday - 10x400 pace intervals

  • Thursday - 60 min Treadmill w/ incline intervals & strength

Now that it is written, I'm committed.

3 Talk to me people!:

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Ohhh that poor little baby. I'm glad she's okay.


Nikemom said...

Run Shelly Run! I'll be thinking about you. I have an easy weekend as this was a so-called recovery week for running. But next week chicken-tender, I'm back to the hard stuff - 11 miles next Sunday. WooWee!

My "Get Well Wishes" to the chicken.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

NO NO NO - you weren't mean. I was only kidding and that's just me doing my bitching about winter. I hope you didn't take me seriously!