Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Do I Love Thee

Top Ten - Reasons why I love my husband:

10) He is a little bit crazier than me.

9) He is a fantabulous cook - even though he does sabotage my diet efforts.

8) He is a sweet dad and takes the girls to Disney on Ice, spoils them rotten, and lets me stay home (I hate those things).

7) He looks really cute in glasses

6) He humors all my "hobbies" and will drive me to a race at 5:30 am, or to Oregon to pick up a goat...

5) He likes to shop, so I don't have too.

4) He buys weird, useless gadgets - like the device that shoves limes into your beer - just like a thumb.

3) His voice - we met on the phone, and the first time I heard his voice I had a Wayne's World DoodlyDoo moment.

2) He has had heated car seats 9 out of the 1o years I have known him.

and the top reason why I love my husband:

1) His 800 mg prescription for Ibuprofen

2 Talk to me people!:

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh now that was just ADORABLE. He takes the girls and lets you stay home. You are one lucky lady.

I've moved on to Celebrex. :D

Lesley said...

Are you sore by any chance??! Aaaaah - well, at least you have a lovely bloke to look after you.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lesley x