Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Reveal

Okay, here we go. I still have the doll house in there, but I was able to make space for it against the wall so everything is much more open now. I am so happy! I feel like I have my space back. The amazing thing to me in this process was how once dysfunctional space in your house really effects so many other areas in your house. I was able to clear out a lot of other areas once I got my office organized and made space for everything.

When I pulled this picture up on my computer, I looked at the floor and said "oh crap, I need to mop!" Not today though, too tired I need a nap. So avert your eyes if it bothers you.

Still some toys in the room, but it is much more organized now - I thinned out a bunch more. After this weekend I have another Salvation Army call to make!

And I have my dining room back - yeah! Thank you Mrs. Furious!

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Mrs. Furious said...


Look how great your dining room looks... and that wasn't even your goal!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Amazing transformation. That was fast. Nice work!!

Lesley said...

That is a serious transformation - I would have guessed that some TV company had stepped into do one of those weekend de-cluttering programmes!! You must feel very proud of yourself to have achieved all that!

Good luck with the runs...I'm training for my first half marathon but have a few more weeks to go than you so am building up the distances slowly. Yikes!

Lesley x

Lesley said...

Ooooh - just realised I left a comment on the last post by mistake! Doh!

Lesley x

ThickChick said...

What a transformation!!

I LOVE projects like this (when I have time for them) because the rewards are so satisfying!!

Congrats on reclaiming your space!

Danielle said...

Looks great! Now, I need to go work on mine...

P.O.M. said...

Wow - that looks like an incredible about of work you put in! Don't you feel amazing now? I'm of the thinking "A cluttered home, a cluttered mind." That's just me. I can't relax with stuff around. It makes me so stressed out. Then again, it's MUCH easier for me since I live alone. But even at my bf's house - I have to straighten up before I can chill out.

shelley said...

POM - I agree but they make messes faster than I can clean them up! and I actually am interested in doing other things besides cleaning. This project pretty much too up my whole weekend! But hopefully we can maintain it for a while at least!