Monday, March 3, 2008

A View of My Run

I frequently run at the reservoir up my street because it is safe, no traffic and close. It does involve running "laps" which can be tiresome - but I'm still enjoying running in this spot. I took my daughters for a nature walk up there the other day and thought I'd share some pics.

Daffodils on my street (for Nancy - I'd send them to ya if I could)!

My street dead ends at this pistachio field. There is a dirt road that I take around it that leads to the reservoir.

The reservoir....where we find lots of fun animals such as ducks, geese, turtle, and beavers.

Wooded trail along the backside of the reservoir.

There are also the lovely, rolling hills that surround to look at.

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Nikemom said...

Love the wooded trail. How awesome is that! Weather looks great there. We are in a freeze zone hopefully on the upside of getting warmer. :)

katieo said...

I LOVE seeing pictures of other people's runs!!
So pretty!

and yo. Those are so pretty incredible "afters" with the cleaning! Very inspiring!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

HA HA HA HA - loved your labels. Not bragging, but this is a cool perk of where I live!! Very cute.

Thanks for the daffodils. I love them!! That's a great bed of them. Also the picture of that path is really gorgeous.

Thank you! :D