Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disney Days

We're Here! Actually, we have been here since Sunday but today is the first chance I have had to get on the Internet.

Packing on Friday and Saturday was torture! I think I did about 30 loads of laundry, and we had to squeeze Charlotte's birthday in there. She turned four on Saturday and was happy with the presents and fun, but would rather just stay three...she wants to be my baby!

We left on Sunday morning with my three girls plus my two nieces for a seven hour drive. The drive was actually pretty good - at least I couldn't hear any major fight over my ipod earplugs! Thank goodness my car has a DVD player in it - a lifesaver for long drives with kids.

We arrived at our hotel around four and within the first two hours of being here the fire alarm went off and the hotel had to be evacuated! Delaney is a bit of a nervous nelly so she immediately wanted to go home...she didn't care if it meant another 7 hour drive. We convince her we were okay though and spent all day Monday at Disneyland - got there first thing in the morning and stayed until after the fireworks...lots of tired girls.
Coolest thing - you can now make customized mickey ears. Each girl picked their own base hat from basic black, pink, fur, metallic, etc. - their own ears in another cornucopia of selections, and patches. It was really fun! They all have there custom ears on here with Mickey.

Tuesday we went to California Adventure - 15 minutes into the first show we were watching an earthquake hit...only we thought it was part of the shows special effects, so we didn't realize that the earth was really rolling until they opened the doors and told us to evacuate the building! Poor Delaney was really freaked out now. We hung in there and most of the rides were reopened within a few hours - and there was still lots of other stuff to do, so we still had fun.

Today we are resting before our final day at the park...just hanging in the hotel, coloring, swimming, watching TV, catching up with work and blogland...actually my girls have devised a ramp off the bed with cushions and are using their paddle boards to surf down the pillows.

I haven't ran this week at all and I missed my long run last weekend. I might run on the hotel treadmill today...and I might just hang by the pool and drink some cervesas with my hubby.

7 Talk to me people!:

Marcy said...

Ooooohhhh forget running! You're on vaca! You have yourself a good time! And it looks like you're doing so! ;-)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

awwwww, looks like a blast. How weird is it that you were in the earthquake thingy during the quake? Glad everyone is okay. Enjoy the 4 year old still wanting to be your baby, mine is starting to say he is a big boy now and doesn't need me!

Lesley said...

Glad to hear that you're having such a wonderful time. The running'll come when you get home....just enjoy!!

Lesley x

eurydice said...

super cute photos!

P.O.M. said...

I think you deserve mucho cervesas after all that business, lots of kids. Phew, I'm tired just thinkin' about it. ha ha.

Michelle J said...

Looks and sounds like your having a great time or had a great time!!! Running on vacation?? NAH!!!

Lesley said...

Are you home yet?? Back to the running?? Looking forward to hearing about the holiday in full.

Lesley x