Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Nonsense

Four days until we leave for Disneyland, three days until Charlotte turns four. My laundry isn't done, haven't packed a wink, haven't bought Charlotte's presents yet, have lots of stuff I need to get done at work before I leave....AAAHHH!

A new gym opened up 5 minutes from my house and I joined - yesterday was their first day open and I went twice I was so excited. I did a 4 mile run on my first trip. Twenty minutes of an elliptical/stair climber and weights on my second trip. Yeah me!

Funny thing though, I live in a fairly rural clean-cut area but this gym is located right next to a one of those special "day spas" that only men frequent. It got busted last year and was suppose to be cleaned up with new staff. Well, when I got there for my second visit to the gym at 9:45 pm I noticed that the day spa was still open (Odd), and the middle-aged, clean cut, fellow that pulled in next to me in the parking went past the gym to the spa...hmmm. Shortly after he went through the doors, the neon sign switched from open to closed (and he obviously did not work there)....double hmmm. While I was working out I noticed him leaving solo, looking much more relaxed. I talked to the owner of the club and she said she has noticed this too, only men go to this day spa, and she called the sheriffs department and said they may want to check in on the spa again. Small town drama!

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Marcy said...

OMFG HAHAHAHHAAA about the "day spa" My butt would probably be out in the bushes with my binoculars. I'm so wrong :P

And yeaaahhhh sure, blame the Jack Rabbit on SATC ;-)

Lesley said...

V funny about the day "spa"

I once had a new client consult me (I'm a property solicitor) about a dispute he was having with his business's landlord. He was very "sharp" and I got more and more suspicious about what sort of business was being conducted in these premises as he explained the issues....skirting ever more ridiculously around the real reason for his visit.

Eeventually I had to ask him outright whether the "hostesses" in his Gentlemens' snooker club and bar, might ever consider, you know, immoral activities!! It was so funny when he had to admit that they might, but purely on their own time etc etc..

He was running a brothel and trying it on big style... strangely he didn't come back....

Good luck with the new gym and well done for finding the nergy to get ther when you're going on holiday so soon...

Lesley x

P.O.M. said...

Hmmm do they have any specials for women? You and some girlfriends should try to book an appointment and see what shenannigans happen. That would be fun. ha ha.

Carly said...

LMAO about the "day spa". I see a dateline special on NBC!

Have fun at Disney and I hope your little one has a fabulous birthday.

Sparky said...

Wow, Disneyland! That will be fun.

Look at you go! Twice in one day to the gym? I've never done that!

What a hilarious story about the day spa!

The gym should put up a big obvious 'security camera' pointing in the general direction of the day spa. Maybe you should go in there and ask them how much a mani/pedi would be?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Scary day spa in suburbia. Weird. We have totally naked dancing in Iowa so I guess you never know!

The vaca is going to be sooo fun (between the "don't touch each other"s)!!