Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Accomplishments

Today I signed this little cherub baby up for kindergarten.

As most mother's know, this tears at your heart strings. I'm happy I have a healthy smart baby, but the thought of her going off to college just kills me...and kindergarten is the first step. She is also my second child, you would think it would be easier, but it isn't. Of course she is a little more grown up now.
She also got her first pair of glasses on Sunday. Evidently her left eye is a little "lazy" - or another way to put it is her right eye is a control freak. The glasses make her look even older. Then she likes to rub in the growing up thing by making her own breakfast, doing the dishes....she is torturing me. Damn kids.
On the diet front - my husband in his oh-so-supportive ways bought these today (they were "on sale" - I need to stop letting him go to the store).
Double stuffed bastard. See what I'm up against! I did resist though and managed to stick to my calorie 5-4-3 plans for three days solid now. Hoowah! I also got a 5 mile run in today...double Hoowah!
And I found this picture of Chuck and I from our early dating my Chinese goal dress. Pretty hot huh? I look nothing like that now...but I am gonna get back in it!

3 Talk to me people!:

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OMG she's adorable. I know exactly how you feel. I bawled when I took the oldest for roundup. And it freaks me out to hear him sounding out words. Where is my baby? It's all good but it's not easy to lose the baby part. I'll let you borrow my 3 year old any time. :D

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I remember when Kid got her glasses and I wanted to cry... she suddenly looked so much older!
I love your daughter's frames by the way... they look great.
Let me know if you end up having to patch. I've got the best possible patch info.

Believe me I hear you on the Kindergarten front!

P.O.M. said...

She is adorable. And definately looks ready to conquor kindergarten.

Love the Chinese dress.