Monday, April 21, 2008

Butt Seriously Folks

I don't know why, but I just can't accept my body the way it is. I spoke to my doctor about losing some weight the other day, and how I have been struggling with it much more now than I did pre-kids, pre-older, pre-whatever even though I am exercising pretty regularly. She told me this story about a study on rats (she has actually told me this story twice). Rats that consume calories throughout the day versus rats that consume all their calories in the evening...the rats that eat throughout the day don't gain weight and the rats that gorge in the evening do gain even though they are consuming the same amount of calories. Hmmm.

Now I don't think I gorge everything down in one evening meal, but I do have a bad habit of skipping breakfast...and it makes sense to me that the morning meal would set your bodies metabolism up for the day...skip it and your body goes into a starvation mode. So I'm going to try a new food plan that I have named the "5-4-3" plan. 500 calories in the morning, 400 calories in the afternoon, and 300 calories in the evening - with two 100 calorie snacks during the day. That is 1,400 calories a day - and puts the bulk of my calories in the early part of the day to hopefully (cross my fingers) give my metabolism a boost. That coupled with 4 days of running a week and 2 days of cross-training and some strength.

If this works, I may need to write a book. If it doesn't - I may resort to liposuction if I can raise the funds. Liposuction just seems like cheating to me though, I want to earn my body back the old fashioned way.

Now all I need to do is get my hubby on board...and I am going to be accountable here and report weekly updates every Friday. Anyone want to try this with me?

3 Talk to me people!:

Lesley said...

Yes! Me please. I think we're in about the same place except that you have a history of being slim and I have a history of being very fat! I'm a UK size 14/16 which is (I think) a US size 10/12. I'd like to be a UK 12 (US 8) which is the slimmest I've ever been but was very happy for those brief months.

After my run this Sunday, that's going to be my new focus and I was planning on doing it in a similar manner to you.

Lets go for it!!

Good luck!

Lesley x

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Ugh. I can so relate. I have such a hard time mentally with the 5-4-3 stuff because what if I cheat later in the day? Then I've had waay too much. I guess that means I have no confidence that I'll get it done. That pic of you is great!! Good luck with this.

P.O.M. said...

That is a great plan. I'm more of a 3-3-5 but I try for 3-4-4. I think it really does help. But the hard part (like you said) is getting the men involved. Men are not happy with grilled veggies for dinner. ha ha.