Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sick Day

Everyone in my house was sick today (except my hubby - thank goodness because he is the biggest baby!), we still got stuff done though - I still went to work for a few hours, my girls still drove me crazy.

First the business, I did a five mile treadmill run tonight:

mile 1 - 10:53
mile 2 - 9:59
mile 3 - 9:56
mile 4 - 9:46
mile 5 - 9:31
Total time - 50:05

That felt pretty good. I'm happy that my time is improving, especially considering I have been sick. So I've done 10% of my 90 mile goal this month- I need to get serious. I can do it though, especially since I have 9 - 11 mile longs runs coming up on the weekends.

I topped off my run today with my first bath in my brand new tub! (AAAHHHH) I wish I had sound effects on my blog, because if I did that aaahhh would sound like the angels of heaven singing in perfect harmony.

The bath wasn't quite as long as I would have liked because both Char and Delaney decided to join me, and they get a little crazy - but we did all fit comfortably.

Things that made me laugh today:

Delaney's dinner, can't wait till she's a teenager! She is only five and she is all over being healthy (Char on the other hand loves her snacks). I swear Delaney arranged this plate herself - it is actually (since the picture isn't very clear) three bean pods, some soy beans, and one teeny tiny broccoli on a bed of rice. Yes, Delaney is making a goofy face. Don't worry, she is not malnourished - she gets plenty of protein and fats in her diet too, since she is a growing girl.

My Border Collie, Zoe sleeping on my mini dauchunds bed. Silly dog.

Char's cross-eyed, mad face. Char was in a particularly bad mood today, sick. She was donned Queen Crabby Patty for the day. The only way I got her to laugh was to pretend to eat her Crabby Patty tummy.

3 Talk to me people!:

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Holy crap, when did you turn on the speed? I might have to stop reading you! JK. :D

Cute cute pics. I asked my three year old what do you make with two pieces of bread and some meat in the middle and he said a Crabby Patty. We laughed good at that one!

Kristina Pinto said...

How did I miss that you have a blog? And how is it that we're in parallel universes of sick family? And what did you decide about Nike in October? And why can't I stop asking questions?

Jenny said...

Your treadmill run looks like it went well! Despite being sick, you are really pulling through with your training. You will do great at the Shamrock!

Thanks for the good luck wishes for my Sunday race!