Friday, January 11, 2008

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

January 11, Sarah's birthday, but I won't go there again.

o Four days until Delaney turns five. She will be in kindergarten next year - ouch! That is hard to think about.
o Nineteen days until I turn 40 – but I really haven’t been thinking about that much, nor dwelling on it.
o Supposedly a week and a half until our bedroom is livable again! Yeah!

I have been living (since just prior to Thanksgiving) without a bedroom, sleeping on a blow-up bed in my living room, sharing a bathroom with my three girls, and NO CLOSET! As a mom, I am used to not having privacy, but this is really wearing me down. Don’t even get me started on what a mess my house is too boot, no where to put anything!

Then there are the divots in our back yard that the contractors have left. For some reason they all feel the need to park on our lawn, even though we have plenty of other parking. I think it is in the Contractor Code of Conduct - "Contractors must park on lawn with a large white truck with canopy. If the homeowner asks you to not park on the lawn, drive across the edges and corners of the lawn (especially after rain days) to leave ample divots and tread marks to ensure the homeowner knows you worked. Any noncompliance will result in fines." It is like dogs marking their territory.

Calgon, take me away!

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avi said...

hi shelley ..some nice work of writing ,great ,,keep on ,,,and m a regular visitor..and say hi and give lov 2 ur angels!!!!!!!!!!

shelley said...

Thanks for the compliment avi. Nice to know someone, besides myself, enjoys my blog.