Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diva Delaney Turns Five

So despite Delaney's objections to having a winter birthday, she turned five today. I managed to talk her into a minor celebration, with the promise that her "real" birthday will be in the summer with a pool party.

The rules (as outlined by D):

1) NO SINGING, although she did want the traditional singing balloon we get every time there is a birthday in our house.

2) We will take a shopping trip and she will pick out a five year old present, followed by us preparing her favorite dinner (homemade mac 'n cheese), and an ice cream cake.

3) At her real party (summer) she wants two pinatas, one for herself that no-one else can hit, and one for everyone else.

4) She liked the idea of wearing a birthday crown today, doesn't like that Charlotte is wearing one too. Since I told her she would just have to deal with that, she decided she is the Queen and Char is the princess.

Notice the lack of smile in her picture, that is her Queen attitude. Queens don't smile. Princesses however do, knowing that they are bugging their sister!

Luckily my other two girls aren't nearly as demanding as Delaney - she is a DIVA! I think she gets it from her father. So this is what five looks like.

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

OHHHHHH Shelley. They are SO adorable. How old is Char? I have two little blonde headed boys that might give them a run for their money. Although the Diva would probably walk all over Nate and have him polishing her crown!!

You done good.

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your girls are beautiful! Her birthday "rules" are so funny! I guess I don't get any of that because I only have boys!