Monday, December 31, 2007

Crikeys it is cold!

Having an inch of frozen water on my goats troughs means it is a bit cold here in California. Granted, we don't have snow, a point Delaney, my 4 year old, harps on daily - but for us Californians anything below freezing is cold.

I did a 5 mile run this morning around the reservoir near my house - completely blanketed in fog. It was a bit eerie not knowing what would greet me around the corner, but a bit sublime too. I found myself surprised a few times by fellow humans enjoying the reservoir - hopefully I didn't embarrass myself singing too loud with my ipod tunes.

My family and I are currently traveling to Oregon to visit my family. We are spending the night in Mt. Shasta (so Delaney is getting her snow and we will have snow in Oregon). New Years Eve - aargh! I hate resolutions. Of course I want to loose weight, but here I have been running for close to a year and I think I have actually gained weight! This is the bad thing about getting older - I used to be able to dream about not eating and loose weight. Now, forgetaboutit!

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