Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Superbad Christmas

Christmas was good! My husband did an awesome job with the girls presents, they were very happy and played with their new stuff all day long. I got a nice two hour nap after we unwrapped presents and ate breakfast (I was exhausted due to the late night assembly of the four foot high doll house). Chuck and I spent the afternoon working on the remodel - mostly cleaning up to prepare for today's inspection (dun, dun, dun) - the anticipation is killing me. I can't wait to get insulation in there - the house is freezing with that gaping section of uninsulationess - and our propane bill is huge.

I did get in a Christmas day run, which felt great! I took a week off to give my shin splints time to heal and it really paid off. I was able to run at my normal pace most of the three miles, and I felt so good my brain thought "what would it feel like to run an 8mph pace?" So, the last quarter mile I did it! Which is really fast for my short little legs, and I thought I was going to trip over myself, but I did it! And no pain in my shins, knee or elsewhere - I feel so strong! The hardest part of this treadmill run was that the TV wasn't working and my ipod wasn't charged.....arrgh! Luckily it was only 3.5 miles, and I had a lot to think about.

So I have officially started my training schedule for a half marathon on March 16 - the Shamrock'n Half in Sacramento. My first day of training was actually Christmas Eve, which consisted of stretching and strength. It didn't really feel like training though since it was such a light workout, no running, and the glass of wine I was drinking while I did it......

This will be my second half marathon, and I should be much faster than my first barring any injuries. Sacramento is much flatter than Lake Tahoe, and I should be able to breath better since I am at an elevation I am used to. Maybe I will be proud enough of my time to post it as a PR.

We topped off Christmas evening watching Superbad, which is a pretty good movie - although pretty nasty. I have a hard time believing that teenage boys are actually that nasty, but my husband assures me they are. Thank goodness I have girls, I can handle hormonal moodiness over degenerateness any day. Getting past that though, the movie is quite entertaining. I love McLovin!

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