Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rocking It Char Style

Remember this ragamuffin hair style?

Well now she's sportin' this cute cut...

For a full view of her outfit. Yes, that is knee high boots with overall shorts.
She comes up with at least one new ensemble every day, but usually 3 to 4. I was telling my babysitter I need to start keeping pictures of her outfits. She replied, "Why, do you think she's actually going to grow out of it?" One of today's outfits: Strawberry Shortcake top, pants and skirt layered, soccer shin guards (no she doesn't play, they are just an accessory) and flip flops.
Its freezing cold out too, but she still manages to find the spaghetti strap tops that I've tried to hide.
The other day she had actually used a marker to give herself full sleeve "Christmas" tattoos on her arms and legs. She had to wear a short sleeve shirt because she didn't want to cover them up. It takes a lot for me not to make her change into outfits that actually match or cover up tattoos.

When I tell her "Char that is quite an outfit, you look...(pause)" She chimes in "Absolutely Adorable!" Yes, you do.

2 Talk to me people!:

Charmaine said...

You have, flat out, the most adorable children on earth.

Now,about that lamp feaured in the film, you know the one....I did not ever believe that this lamp existed.


Mrs Furious said...

Cute haircut! I want to give my Charlotte a bob and clean up all her crazy hair. But she won't sit still... so it has to wait.