Friday, October 24, 2008

Time To Get My Shit Together

I've been a little blue lately...

Because of this, my muffin top hasn't disappeared, my house is a mess, I'm behind on my laundry,  I've been eating crappy and not exercising as regularly as I should, no blogging...all of this makes me more depressed.

So I just need to start doing stuff that I know will make me feel better.
  • Make exercise and running a priority to get my endorphins going to improve my attitude.
  • Quit eating candy corns (the truly evil part of Halloween).
  • Try to get at least one household chore done each day.
  • Hug and love my kids every day (easy peasy).
Thats enough for today...really I think that is all I can focus on right now.

Boss update:  things are actually going okay on this front considering.  It is an emotional roller coaster...somedays everyone is positive and hopeful...other days reality kicks our butt.  My boss is a lot stronger than he was a month ago after he had the reaction to his meds, and has really cut back on the pain meds.   He had very little side effects with his first round of chemo.  He has started losing his hair and leaves for Chicago on Sunday for a second round of Chemo.  My fingers are crossed that things go well in Chicago.

4 Talk to me people!:

Sparky said...

Halloween candy is worse than any holiday. Mostly because exposure to the dreaded threats goes on and on and on.

Hope things go well for you boss.

One household chore a day is a good plan. It is amazing how many moms are in the same boat with that sort of thing! :)

Carly said...

Hang in there and if it makes you feel better I am having the similar "blues".

My prayers are with your boss. How horrible that he is going through this and I am glad that he is feeling better after his reaction.

Mrs Furious said...

Hang in there.

And YES to the one household chore a day... I really need to reframe my thinking in that direction.

Nikemom said...

I tagged you!