Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday's run

I guess I am stuck this week to running at night on my treadmill. I ran 3 miles last night watching the tail end of NCIS, and the beginning of The Unit. I really don't like that show, but I didn't want to stop running to change the channel. I just don't enjoy shows about war, blowing up things, etc. - or maybe it is the name "The Unit" so phallic, I just can't get past that. But overall it was a good short run, I had a good pace and no pain in my knee or shins.

Part of my problem this week is I am trying to work two jobs. I started my new job on yesterday but I haven't had the guts to give notice at my old job. They are both part-time, but I really need those days off to keep my house running smooth. Things will be a little hectic the next couple weeks.

I will be doing five miles tonight on the treadmill - hopefully there is something good on TV, or I might be stuck watching Barbie again if my girls join me.

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