Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's Chase Goats

I arrived home from work at aroun 6:15, Chuck was making the girls dinner so I changed my clothes and went outside to feed all the animals. My two bucks were fighting so bad that one of the bucks had bloody horns. The problem is they are horny(it is breeding season) so much that he is in a frenzy about it. I hadn't put them in with the girls yet because our fencing was all messed up from some work we had done. My dear husband finished the pen I needed yesterday, so I spent the evening sorting goats (which is no easy task). One goes in where you want it, two come out. The dogs think they are helping but they just get in the way. After about an hour of back and forths, chasing and enticing with treats I finally got the two bucks each in their own feild with their selected harem of girls, and the goat kids are in their own pen with my babysitter goat Ozzy. Hopefully now that the boys can get lucky they will settle down. Chuck even offered to set up some Barry White mood music for them.

Needless to say I didn't get my run in tonight, but I did get plenty of exercise chasing goats. The bright side is I should be able to put in a morning run, maybe I will go up around the reservoir.

And Chuck, I did do a sink full of dishes tonight and I folded and put away three baskets of laundry.....I counted how many dresses Delaney and Charlotte have - 22! I may have missed a few, and that doesn't count their skirts. This is mainly because Delaney went through a phase this summer where she refused to wear pants or shorts - because "real girls wear dresses." That is Delaney logic for you. At least they can share the dresses since they are close to the same size. It is probably good that they have so many dresses since Charlotte changes her clothes three to four times a day. They still love to play in mud, climb trees and our dirt hill with the goats in their dresses though, just love my girls.

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