Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Because you can never have too many gadgets to keep you on task with your fitness, my husband kindly purchased me a BodyBugg for my birthday (as seen on Biggest Loser).

The armband itself is pretty cool and it can be a total boost to keep you on track for getting in your activity for the day...or a total downer if you have been sitting on your ass all day. It is suppose to track your calories burned with 90% accuracy, and I must say after using it for the past couple weeks it does seem fairly accurate. It also tracks your steps and activity time (in minutes). It does not track your heartrate nor does it have a GPS, so if you are a total nerd like me and go out for a run multiple devices must be worn.

It comes with an online program, and depending on the deal you get sometimes it is included in the price and sometimes you have to pay separate for the membership. We purchased mine through Costco which came with a 12 month membership. The armband really won't function without this program, which is a shame...because I think the online program needs some work. The program tracks your goals, steps, activity, and calories consumed (but you have to enter in the calories consumed yourself). I found entering the calories consumed really cumbersom the first time I tried it. It won't accept the food if the grams of protein, etc. don't match up with the calories. I'm sorry, tracking my food needs to be easy if I'm going to do it...and that is a big IF already. I personally think there are a lot of free food-tracking programs out there that are way easier to use.

Another downside, is sometimes the armband is a bit uncomfortable. I don't wear it to bed anymore because my arm just needs a break and I'm not doing anything then anyways...and it isn't the most attactive item to wear either and not always easy to cover up.

It is pretty cool when you plug the armband into your computer and download your activity to see the graph of your activity. There is also a display that can be purchased separately so during the day you can easily check where you are at with your activity and calories burned.

This is what I have mainly been using the BodyBugg for...purely as a motivation to keep moving...peridically checking in on my digital display to see where I am at for the day. I only go onto the online program when I need to charge my armband. As with everything else, the gadget doesn't do the work for you, you still have to put the work in.

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Fatinah said...

sounds cool

Anonymous said...

that's very interesting. i thought about getting one but then thought i really didn't *need* it. once i wore my old HRM all day and it tracked my calories burned. 1600 regular, and 1930 including a run.

SeaBreeze said...

Neat tool. I look forward to
receiving an update once you have been using it for longer and can assess trending.

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