Monday, February 16, 2009

FFFK Race Report

First, everyone needs to go check out Nikemom's GEARED for WOMEN Giveaway.

I hope everyone is feeling all loved up after your Valentine's weekend...nothing fun here, just an old married couple so we babysat for friends.

It is blustery (I love this word, but hate the weather) here in Northern California...enough wind to blow our fence down around our pool. I hate wind more than any other weather that exists, so I decided to do a treadmill tour for my FFFK in honor of Truly Non-Runner Nancy and all the other blogosphere runners out there who are having to take a hiatus from running (Michelle with her broken toe, Kristina who is sick this week & Seabreeze who is rehabbing her foot, are a few that I am aware of).

I sort of feel like I'm cheating a bit when I run on a treadmill, for some reason I am faster there...I think cuz I suck at pacing and pushing myself which the treadmill does nicely.

My results:

Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 8:49
Mile 3: 8:48
Mile 3.1: :54
Total Time: 27:49
Avg Pace: 8:58 (I think, I suck at calculating that)

I ran my first 5K in May of 2007, after deciding to start running again in January of 2007 when I turned 39. My time in that first 5k was 35:13, pace 11:22 - needless to say I am really happy with how far I have come and glad I have stuck with it and thankful I can do it.

And just for fun, I decide to copy Marcy and Michelle and Googled what I need:

1. Shelley needs The Obvious?
2. Shelley needs some help
3. Shelley needs help! (guess I'm pretty bad off)
4. Shelley needs PCE (? IDK)
5. Shelley needs to go
6. Shelley needs Australia (yes!)
7. Shelley needs your vote!
8. Shelley needs Cocoa and Cookies
9. Shelley needs to know

and my absolute favorite...(rolling on the floor laughing cuz I'm such a square)

10. Shelley needs some West London Sex Lesbian Relationships (Mom you were right!)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my quote of the day which Delaney told me while I was tending to a bloody nose she had today:

Me: Do you know how you got this? Did you bump it?
D: No, I didn't do anything.
Me: Were you picking your nose?
D: No, I only pick it on Thursdays...I have a secret hiding spot so no one sees me.

The Secret Life of Kindergartners :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bootie Update

I've actually been sick with a bad chest cold the last 1 1/2 weeks or so, sick enough that I haven't been able to really do any exercise cuz my lungs are full of other stuff besides air...

...but I wanted to share my successes in my bootcamp so far...I am down 14 pounds! Half way to my goal! I am so excited! I really think the water and weights have made the biggest difference for me. In my opinion, I think I look like I've lost more than 14 pounds when I look at myself, and I think this is because I have definitely gained muscle tone. I'm am supposed to get measured and analyzed next week, so I will know exactly how much my body composition has changed.

I'm a little bummed I have been off track for the past week with exercise due to illness, and I haven't been diligent with my food and water...but I know I haven't been horrible either. The whole time I was sick I kept thinking I would wake up the next day with all 14 pounds plus back on my body, just cuz I hadn't worked out that day...irrational I know. But it is frustrating to think I could be even closer to my goal if I hadn't gotten sick. I've been having a hard time gettin back on the motivated track...until...

Yesterday I started looking at swimsuits and decided this is the year I WILL wear a bikini again. Haven't done that in over 5 years...I won't be going Brazilian or anything, but something cute for sure. Not skankalishious, but definitely not a full body suit that has to suck in and cover all my bodyparts and screams "I'm a Mom, and I never want to have sex again!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Freakishly Flexible 5K

In honor of Non-Runner Nancy, whose creative mind united many-a-blogger's in her virtual races, full of virtual schwag and fun...I will be running the Freakishly Flexible 5K on (or around) February 14th hosted by US Jogger. Read Nancy's story here...and join me in this race by just posting a comment in US Jogger's hood, where you can get all the official race's that easy. You can run, you can walk, you can bike...whatever self-powered juju (no cars or motorcycles) gets you moving 5K (3.1 miles - you CAN do it). Just move and do! and be Thankful you can.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Kids Are Killing Me!

Elli called at 9:30 today and said she needed $10 by 11:15 so she could by her ticket to the dance this Saturday - after I'm already at work AND after we asked her yesterday if she needed money for this.

Delaney is 6 and I spend 10 minutes every morning blow drying her hair "so it doesn't have any bumps" - thank goodness she didn't get Elli's crazy curly hair and only has slightly wavey hair. She is going to take 2 hours to get ready in the morning by the time she is 12.

Charlotte told me last night she wants to change her name to "Monkey Bean Seasalt Dolphin" - yeah, she is my goofball.